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Guide to Sharing the Love

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As giffgaff is the mobile network run by you, we wanted to give you great ways to participate in its development including helping to recruit new members and in return, you get payback.
We created this guide to give straight forward answers to the questions we receive about this program, just click on the relevant question to find more information about it.

More Information

In a word? Everybody.

As soon as you are a giffgaff member, you can start helping recruit new members and benefiting from it. When you log in and go to your Share the Love page you will be able to order SIMs to hand out to friends via email, post or by giving your affiliate link.

All SIMs ordered through your page are linked to your account, so you will get rewarded when they are activated.

By bringing new members to giffgaff, you will receive 500 payback points for every new recruit. Once you reach 15 recruits you will automatically become a Super Recruiter. A recruit is counted when the member activates their SIM.

If someone activates one of your affiliate SIMs within 42 days of you activating your own SIM then you will receive an additional £5 goodwill credit paid into your account.

This is on top of any other promotional offers we may be running and it's for the first recruit only.

If someone orders a SIM themselves from the giffgaff website (these SIMs do not have £5 free credit) but gives your phone number during the registration, you will earn 200 points. This way, you can earn points for people you bring to giffgaff, even if you don't provide them with a giffgaff SIM card yourself.

Introducing new members to giffgaff is a great way to help giffgaff grow and the best way to increase your payback. In the December 2012 payback, the top earner reached £16,000, mostly through recruiting new members. Do you think you can top that?

Members who activate a SIM card that you gave them, or a SIM card they ordered through your Share the Love page will get £5 credited to their balance after their first top-up or goodybag purchase of £10 or more. Don't forget to give them this information.

Moreover, with free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts, it will now be free for you and your friends to stay in touch. The more friends you recruit, the more your group of friends save.

The first thing to do is to head to your Share the Love page. There, you'll find a lot of content to help you get going.

To become a successful recruiter, we advise the following method:

  • Start by reading the Little black book, it will give you a few solid tips.
  • Send an email with your personalised order link which looks like this - Member Name Here
  • Post this link with a personal message on your Facebook, twitter, etc ... to advertise it to your friends. You can do it regularly, but be considerate, you wouldn't want to spam your friends.
  • Create your banner and include it in your forum signature, website or blog.
  • Participate in the Welcome & Join forum. A lot of prospective members are browsing it for information before they join and they are likely to click on your banner if you help them.

This method will help you start recruiting people online but don't forget that you can also distribute SIM cards. You can order up to 30 SIM cards to distribute each month. They can be delivered to your place or directly to your friends.

If you want to go even further and advertise giffgaff, we have some great leaflets created by giffgaff community member elbubsio. They are all located here and are in a format that you can easily print. There are some that you can personalise with your member order link and others with a space to attach SIMs before handing them out. Some posters have QR codes on them which can be easily modified to include your own QR code, this QR code generator will help with that.

This is a great solution if you want to create a giffgaff corner in your phone shop or if you want to hold a giffgaff stand in a festival.

Please don't waste SIMs. They cost money to produce, distribute and activate so please:

  • Give them to people who are interested in becoming a member for the long haul.
  • Avoid giving them to tourists or people who change their SIM card every month.

You will be able to find a lot of great information on your My recruits page which contains:

  • The number of SIM cards you ordered during the current and last Payback period.
  • The number of recruits that have been activated.
  • A detailed record of all the SIMs ordered with the order date and status.

When a SIM card is activated, the record also shows the SIMs activation code so you can track which SIM card has been activated.

If you see that some of your SIMs remain un-activated then you might want to give your friends a call to nudge them along.

There is no golden rule to become a Super Recruiter, but here are a few more tips to help you improve your recruitment skills.

  • Focus on your strengths: If you are a successful blogger or a respected community member then don't spend your time distributing SIM cards in the street - you'll have much better results advertising giffgaff online.
  • Select where you do it A large proportion of our members (certainly not all) are young, tech savvy people who are looking for a good deal. Try to think about where you can find these people, that's where you'll find the future giffgaffers (e.g. money saving forums, techy websites, car boot sales, colleges and clubs).
  • Select when you do it: If you post your order link too often, you will lose credibility - and giffgaff as well. It's much better to focus on quality: post less but where and when it matters.
  • Have a look back: From time to time, have a look at your My recruits page and identify what was successful and what was not. With time you'll learn the best way to recruit members.

Always explain what makes giffgaff different, so your recruits have no surprises. It is really important that new members feel comfortable on giffgaff so they need to know if we offer something which is right for them.

  • Tell them we're online only so they'll need to activate their SIM and manage their account online.
  • Advise them they may need to unlock their phone.
  • Mention instead of call centres, we have an army of members and agents providing super speedy (24/7/365) online support.
  • Explain they can use PAYG (Pay As You Go) or choose from a variety of goodybags that they can set to automatically recur or change each month.
  • Let them know they can also buy top-up vouchers in newsagents and top up at cashpoints.

Help us collect accurate data, so we can manage their giffgaff details correctly:

  • Encourage members to provide full and accurate details so they can log into their account successfully and receive updates on their payback and their best payment plan.
  • Please don't pre-activate SIMs with fake names and addresses. This makes it impossible for members to access their account to top up so they leave.

If you find that you are particularly good at recruiting members, or if you have a good logistics (e.g. you have a phone shop, or a regular stand at festivals and fairs) you will probably want to do more.

The first thing you can do is ask to increase your monthly limit, so you can order more SIM cards to distribute each month. This is only possible if at least 20% of the SIM cards you give out are activated.

If you still feel limited by the normal ordering procedure then you can order a giffgaff in a box. This is a box with 50 SIMs which are already linked to your member name. We send out giffgaff in a box according to your SIM activation track record and stock - this is for serious giffgaffers only.

Remember that sending out SIM cards is expensive so we try to make sure that they are not wasted in large numbers.

Shortly after you join, you will receive another SIM from giffgaff. If you go on your My recruits page you will find that this is the first SIM which is counted as being ordered by you for recruitment.

We sent this SIM card to help you spread giffgaff. You can just give it to someone you know - if they activate it you will receive 500 payback points and they will receive £5 after their first top-up.

Tip: Give this SIM to someone you call frequently (your boyfriend, girlfriend or your mother, etc ..) and you'll be able to call each other for free - now you are both on giffgaff.

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