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This is a more detailed guide to our Community and getting your head around the giffgaff forums in general. The following sections are covered in this guide:.

More Information

The giffgaff forums are here for giffgaff to inform their members of any news they may have as well as to allow members to ask questions and to seek help. There are sections for users to share tips and ideas for giffgaff. There is an a section for topics not concerned with giffgaff where competitions are often posted.

So there is something for everyone in the giffgaff community!

The community has several forum boards so it is important that any questions are posted in the correct board. Otherwise questions may take longer to get answered and it clutters up the board.

Here is a short introduction to the boards:

  • Announcements - Keeps you up-to-date on a routine basis with what's going on in giffgaff. New giffgaff educators introduce themselves here.
  • Help & Support - If you are having difficulties with any aspects of the giffgaff service, ask for help here.
  • Service Updates - Service outages are posted here, as well as any news on planned network updates.
  • Welcome & Join - If you have a question about giffgaff that needs answering before joining, it goes here. New members and giffgaff staff can also introduce themselves here too.
  • giffgaff money - Sharing your financial experiences and get help on how to improve your finances from our lovely members.
  • Tips & Guides - A place for giffgaff tips: either post one yourself or look for some for yourself; you can also offer advice to members thinking of buying a new handset.
  • Contribute - Found a bug or got a good giffgaff idea? This is the place to post and discuss them.
  • General Discussion - Got something to say that is not giffgaff? Want to hang out with other members? Here's the place to do it.
  • Blog - Keeps you up-to-date on major giffgaff announcements, product changes, product reviews and includes some video blogs.

Note: Sections not included in the forum index - Blog, Labs & Experts. These can be accessed by the three dots near the envelope in the right hand corner of the bottom of the banner


Labs - An area where are you are able to search, support and submit an idea of your choice, preferably after discussion of your idea in Contribute.

Experts (replaced Approved Helpers) - An area where you can learn about giffgaff and test yourself, becoming a better helper each time you move up a tier.

(currently these quizzes are out of date, as they need updating to pricing changes, international area changes, EU regulations and other areas, so do not depend on information learned here. The Knowledge Base is a better place to learn about giffgaff)

In addition to the regular forum boards, there are specialised boards. These areas allow you to focus on specific topics, and require you to 'ask to join' group. But do not worry. These are open to all. Just hit join and you will receive a PM with a link to access the group you have chosen. Here is a brief description of each:

  • Forum Games - A place where forum games are submitted by users. Please search the board to find your game, before submitting a new game, as the game may already exist.
  • Knowledge Base Editors - A place where people work to improve different aspects of the Knowledge Base. Over the last year or so, most of the Knowledge Base articles have been updated and made more accessible. If you want to assist in this, this is where you want to be. Also this where you can contact KB editors and Publishers. Staff request changes to specific articles here when policies change.
  • Labs Discussion - This is where we mad scientists can get together and discuss updates, changes and improvements to giffgaff Labs. The Lab is currently being overhauled to make it easier to maintain and to find ideas already submitted before posting, and if you want to join in the discussion, join in.
  • Coding and Apps - A place for people who are interested in coding and in testing apps for giffgaff.
  • Help discussion & Brainstorm - This is the Command Centre for planning the next steps in all community help dedicated areas. Discussions are here to plan improvements to the Help process. If you are looking for help please go to the Help & Support Board (in the main index).

The blog is the first section of the community and its aim is to keep customers up-to-date on everything giffgaff, plus occasionally interesting mobile happenings too. Many major technology announcements are made there, with the option of users to input opinions.

Member Flaxvert has produced this amazing video to explain how to navigate and search the blog for information:

Please note: The video listed was created with the Pre-November 2016 design of the forum. The general explanation of the blog remains the same but you will find that some steps will vary, and the appearance has changed to a new 'responsive design' which is meant to work the same on mobile as desktop. The video will be replaced when there is an updated version.

If you want to help in our forums then the easiest thing to do is look around the Help & Support Forum, and when you see a question that you can answer correctly, go for it! If you are unsure of the answer please do not post it; if it is wrong it tends to annoy the person asking the question! It is better to give a 'Kudos' to a correct answer to help the person to choose the correct help.

Please do not worry if someone beats you to the answer. Often it is the 4th or 5th answer that is chosen as the "Best Answer".

The community has a ranking system that allows members to gauge their contribution to the forums.

When you first join giffgaff you will be given the starting rank of "newcomer". Members then move up the ranks according to a combination of factors: helping users; posting; Kudoss given and received; time online; reading posts and blogs - in fact, any activity on the forums.

You receive a PM from the Head of Community when you gain a rank (which is automatically generated by Lithium when appropriate). Don't worry if you get a second PM telling you that you regained your previous rank, as this is a 'known glitch' in the system. Your profile will show the correct rank.

See here for more information on giffgaff's ranking system.

This is the way of letting giffgaff staff and other community users know that your question has been answered. It also rewards the person who gave you the best answer as it does influence their payback points. Only the person who asked the question (and forum administrators) will be able to set a post as the best answer.

To do this just go to the bottom of that post and click the "Set as Best Answer" button.

For more detail see this Knowledge Base article.

Kudos is a way of saying thanks for a helpful or useful post. To give a Kudos to a post press the blue button in the bottom-right-hand side of the post. It can be slow to register, but if the + turns white, you know it has registered.

Please Note: There is no longer a set limit on how many Kudos can be given in a set time, but try not to give Kudos in a way which looks like you are giving inappropriately.

Requesting Kudos in the body of your post ("Kudos begging"), or requesting 'Best Answer' in the body of your post is against community guidelines, although you may include a general suggestion in your signature.

Finally, your Kudos total does not in itself contribute to your payback statistics nor does it have much bearing on ranking up.

See here for more information on Kudos.

Private messages are internal emails which let you talk to other community members one on one, without the whole community seeing what you are talking about.

The private message button is in the top right hand side of the community pages, or you can use this this link.

To send a PM just click the PM button and click "compose new message" - after that enter the username of the person you want to send the PM to as well as a subject and main body message.

For more detail see this Knowledge Base article.

There is an extensive preferences menu to allow you to select and change various options for yourself in the community. You can change your avatar, add a signature and more.

The best way to familiarise yourself with the options is to just look around it.

Click the user icon small (1).png   > My Community Settings

or click this link.

If you get stuck, just ask the community for advice.

There is an extensive preferences menu to allow you to select and change various options for yourself in the community. You can change your avatar, add a signature and more.

The best way to familiarise yourself with the options is to just look around it.

Click the user iconsmall (1).png   > My Community Settings

or click this link.

If you get stuck, just ask the community for advice.


giffgaff have Help & Support on If you would like to help then you must first link your Twitter account in your giffgaff settings. This way you'll be able to earn some extra Payback for participating.

To use Twitter you need link your Twitter account, to do this go to:

Community > Preferences > Social Connect > "Twitter Settings"

or click this link

From there you can link to your Twitter account.

You can also link to your Facebook account. As part of giffgaff's continuing research into better customer support strategies, members can ask the community a question from their Facebook account. It will appear on giffgaff's wall and will also post into the Help board. Any answers given will be posted on giffgaff's wall too.

To set this up go to:

Community > Preferences > Social Connect > Facebook Connect

or click this link

From there you can link your Facebook account.

  • Does Kudos boost my rank? Not very much, ranking up depends on many factors, of which Kudos is just one.
  • Can I edit a post? Yes. To edit one of your own posts, click on the three dots in a circle at the bottom of the post you want to edit and choose Edit. This is useful if you need to correct a typo soon after posting. Naturally, you can only edit your own posts!
  • Can I delete a post? Maybe. To delete one of your own posts, click on the three dots in a circle and below Edit you might see Delete. When you choose delete you are asked to confirm delete, and then your post will be deleted.
    (If it is not there, you can edit your content to just a '.' Alternatively, if you go to the bottom of the 'three dot menu' you can Report Content and request an educator to remove the post or change to a different board.)
  • What happens if I put a post in the wrong board? Nothing, but it may take longer for an answer to be posted and your post may be moved to the correct board by our community leads (aka "educators"). You can 'Report Content' yourself if you realise it is in the wrong place, or someone else may report it for you.

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