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Have you ever wondered what the Knowledge Base is and how you could use it? If so, then this is the perfect guide for you.

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The Knowledge Base is the place where we capture everything that our community members know about giffgaff so we can make it available to everybody.

The purpose is to provide quality and trusted information on pretty much everything there is to know about giffgaff. As such, it's a part of the support giffgaff provides to its members. If there is anything you want to know about giffgaff's procedures or products then there is a good chance you'll find the answer here.

By answering the most common questions it is helping out other members with their problems, whilst allowing others to deal with the more complex issues.

The Knowledge Base has been integrated into giffgaff's support so you don't have to look for it.

When you are using the search bar in the Help page or in the Community the Knowledge Base articles are amongst the results - so you can always select the best answer.

The answers from the Knowledge Base are identified by a dedicated icon:

Guide to the Knowledge Base 01.jpg

Selected articles are also available directly in the Help page. We also provide links to the relevant articles on the different pages of the website.

On the desktop version, as you browse the Community forum, every page includes an FAQ button, enabling quick access to the Knowledge Base wherever you are on the forum. There is also an FAQ link on the Help page that loads the Knowledge Base home page.

On the desktop version, each section of the Knowledge Base is also available by scrolling down the Community home page:

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From the mobile version, you can click on the three small horizontal bars and then Help then Self -Help to access the mobile Knowledge Base. Click on the section relevant to your question to display the list of articles.


There are two ways to find the best article to answer your needs:

  • With your favourite search engine.
  • With the home page navigation.

Guide to the Knowledge Base 04.jpg

The articles are linked together so you can navigate easily from one article to another on the same subject. If an article did not answer all your questions, have a look at the Handy links section at the bottom to find all the other relevant articles.

Tips: If you are using the search engine, just type the keywords relevant to your question. For example if you just joined and Internet does not work on your iPhone 5, just type "iPhone 5 Internet giffgaff". This way you are sure to find all the possible results.

If you are helping other members, you can link to the Knowledge Base to complete and support your post. This way, you can provide a simple and straightforward answer to the community member, and let the Knowledge Base provide the detailed explanation.

The Knowledge Base is the result of the shared efforts of the Community and giffgaff staff:

  • Community members: They provide their knowledge and also their ability to spot everything which is missing or incorrect.
  • Knowledge Base Editors: They edit content in response to reports from community members.
  • Knowledge Base Publishers: They check edits made by Knowledge Base Editors to ensure articles remain relevant, accurate, factual and unbiased. The Knowledge Base Publishers may:
    • Correct errors they find.
    • Reject edits.
    • Refer articles back to the relevant editor for correction.
    • Publish revisions to the Knowledge Base.
  • giffgaff staffers: They provide their insider knowledge and look after the overall consistency of the Knowledge Base.

Members can escalate errors and omissions in a dedicated thread on the Contribute board, so they can be picked up by Knowledge Base editors and publishers, who are not just staffers, but also volunteer community members.

The suggestions made by community members are discussed in the Knowledge Base Editors Group. The editors and publishers check if the suggestion has already been proposed. They also prepare the change so it can be implemented by a publisher or the Knowledge Base Manager. This publication step is used to make sure the content fits well within the rest of the Knowledge Base so it will be useful and easy to find by the community members.

The Knowledge Base is a living space and we are looking for constant improvements so there is a lot you can do to help.

  • Link to it: Looking for information in the Knowledge Base is not natural to a lot of members. When you answer a question in the Community you can link to the corresponding article in the Knowledge Base. It will complete your post and advertise the Knowledge Base.
  • Escalate missing or incorrect information: Each time you find that factual information is missing from the Knowledge Base, you have an opportunity to improve it. Report it in the dedicated thread on the Contribute board, detailing which information is missing or inaccurate, how it can be improved and why you think this can be useful to others. You'll be able to discuss it with the Community and the Knowledge Base editors/publishers by joining the Knowledge Base Editors Group to identify what is best for the other members.
  • Become an editor: If you want the ability to directly improve the Knowledge Base, you can become a Knowledge Base editor. Any member can join the Knowledge Base Editors Group.

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