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How do I mark a question as solved/set a post as Best Answer?

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When you've asked a question and a post has answered it to your satisfaction you can set that post as the "Best Answer". This article will show you how to set or remove a post as the Best Answer and where you can do it:





Why set a post as the Best Answer?

Setting a post as the Best Answer helps the community in a variety of ways:


  • the next person who comes along with the same problem as you can find the best answer quickly
  • it lets other people know that your question has been answered - this prevents further answers being supplied unless they significantly add some extra details that might be needed
  • it thanks the poster of the Best Answer for helping you.

Please do not feel tempted to set your own post as a Best Answer unless you really have a fix for the problem which no-one else has mentioned previously.



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How to set a post as the Best Answer

In desktop view


To set a post as the Best Answer:


  • You can either click the "Set as Best Answer" button in the bottom right hand side of the post:


Best Answer Selection.png



  • or click "Options" on the top right hand side of the post and then select the "Set as Best Answer" option (6th option within the options menu):


Best Answer Selection Via Options Menu.png



On mobile view


  • You can press on the "Set as Best Answer" button located as shown below:


Set Best Answer Mobile View.png

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How to remove a Best Answer from your post

If you have set a Best Answer in error or decide that another post better answered your question then you can remove your original choice.


To remove a post as the Best Answer:


  • Click Options on the top right hand side of the post you set as Best Answer and select the "Not the Best Answer" option (6th in the list of options).

Not the best answer selection.png


Please note that if your using a Mobile device you will need to be viewing your post on FULL view mode on your device to make the above selection. The options menu is not available within the Mobile View.



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Please note: You can only Set Best Answers to posts which are in the following community sections:


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