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How do I post a question on the forum?

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When you have a question, the Community is here to help you solve it. The members who are participating to the Community are happy to help so don't be shy!


More Information

All support requests should be posted on the Help & Support forum.

To post a new question, you need to:

  • Log in to your giffgaff account
  • From your giffgaff dashboard select Community and then Forum Index and scroll to the Help & Support section. Or you can use this direct link to Help & Support

Help & Support.png

  • Now select Ask a question

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 13.41.38.png

This loads the screen where you can write your post:

  • Subject: Type a quick summary of your issue - so the members browsing the forum understand quickly what your question is about.
  • Body: This is the place where you type your message (see below for the different functions).

If you feel that its best to explain your issue with a picture please select the photos icon and then select the required picture to insert into your post.


Message Functions.png

The functions are very similar to a general word processor. You'll find them detailed below:

Icon Function Icon Function Icon Function
Bold.png Is for bold Italics.png Allows you to type in Italics underline.png Allows you to underline text
Cross-out Text.png This allows you to cross out text Spoiler.png This is a spoiler tag - a grey box which when clicked expands Code.png This is used to insert code into your messages - and make sure it is not interpreted by the browser
emoticons.png You probably already know this. Its used to add emoticons to your message Links.png The link allows you to link URL's you may want to include, to an existing thread for example Insert Picture.png This is used to insert images to your message
Insert Video.png This allows you to insert YouTube Videos, or a film from your gallery List points with numbers.png This allows you to list points with numbers Bullet Points.png The three bullet points are used to create list items (like the list below this table)
Customize font.png This allows you to customize the font you type in Increase or decrease the text size.png This allows you to increase or decrease the text size Change Font Colour.png The A icon lets you change the colour of your text
Spell Check.png This allows you to spell check your post        

When you are asking a question on the forum, there are a few rules to follow to ensure you'll get the best answers.

Give as much detail as possible

The more detail you give about your issue, the easier it will be for the other members to understand it and help you.

Typical elements are different from one question to another but they may include information such as:

  • Your phone make & model
  • If your phone is unlocked
  • Which goodybag your are using (if any)
  • The payment method used (But don't include any details)

As a general rule, explain clearly everything you think can help understand your situation - but never give personal or payment details, even your phone number.

Create only one thread at a time

When you have a question, make sure to stick to a single thread. Creating different threads will just confuse the members and reduce the quality of their answers - as they are trying to find the information on different threads.

Sticking to one thread for each question is an absolute rule. In the same spirit, create your own thread when you have a question, do not post it on a thread started by someone else as it can go unnoticed by our helpers.

Keep an eye on your thread

It is very likely that the first answer will be posted within a couple of minutes so make sure to stay on the thread for a few minutes after you posted. This way, you'll be able to answer the members who need additional information to help you with your question.

Please note: The page does not automatically show new replies and answers. You will need to manually refresh the page to allow new replies and answers to appear.

Write in a correct way

Write your post in a simple and understandable way so that our members can understand your query. If you are using a mobile device to post your question, make sure that the auto-correct feature does not change what you were writing. As a general rule, always read twice what you wrote to make sure it is correct before posting.

As the community is used by both children & adults please refrain from using offensive or foul language in your posts. Our community guidelines can be viewed here.

When you will have received an answer to your question, you will want to reward the members who gave their time to help you.

Setting best answers

When a member gives an answer that solves your issue, it's is very important to click on the Set as Best Answer button of the post that helped you most - Do not accept your own post as a solution (unless you solved the issue yourself).

Setting a post as the best answer is important because it shows what the answer was and it will help other members who will read the thread in the future. It also rewards the member who has been the most helpful.

Give kudos

As you can accept only one post as the solution, you can give kudos to the other members who did not quite give the solution, but helped you getting there.

To give a Kudos, click on the blue button next to the Reply button for the helpful posts.

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