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Receiving payback as cash

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The payback payout dates for the next payout are fast approaching. Everything's going according to plan so far and we really want to see this be the smoothest payback period yet.
One thing we learned from the previous payback periods is that there were a few common errors that some members made which meant it was difficult - or even impossible - for us to make PayPal payments to those members.
So, what were these mistakes - and more importantly, how can you help make sure that these mistakes are avoided? Simple - read this post carefully, then double/triple check your details carefully.

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It sounds silly, however one common mistake in other payback periods was that member's gave us a PayPal address to pay out to that they later discovered they couldn't access for some reason.

We have now introduced a new verification method that should stop this and it requires you to verify your PayPal account.

To verify your PayPal account just go to your Payback page and click on 'choose cash' you will then be re-directed to the PayPal site were you must login and verify your account. You must click on 'Agree' to proceed.

To choose your Payback method just follow this link

PayPal 01.PNG

Once you have clicked on agree you should be taken to a confirmation screen

PayPal 02.PNG

If you don't then you will need to create a 'personnel account' on the PayPal site. To sign up to just follow this link -

You will need to add some account details and add your debit/credit card, this is so that you can withdraw the money once has been paid.

PayPal have a dedicated self help page which will help with any questions you have.

Once we start processing payments to PayPal, keep an eye on your account. Last time around, PayPal required some members to accept the payment. It's really really, important to do this promptly. If the payment isn't accepted after a month, it gets sent back to us. We had a few payments returned to us last time out, so make sure you check to see if PayPal wants you to accept the payment.

Open the spoiler to see what PayPal have to say about this...

Click to reveal

Why am I being asked to accept or refuse a payment I received?

There are several reasons why you may be asked to accept and refuse a payment that was sent to you. Here are the most common reasons.

You've received a payment in a currency you do not hold:

The payment will show as 'Unclaimed'. If you 'Accept' the payment you'll be given 3 options:

  • Accept the payment and convert it to your primary balance currency (usually British pounds).
  • Accept the payment and open a secondary balance in that currency.
  • Deny the payment and return it to the sender.

You've received a payment but you don't have a bank account or card linked to your account:

Once one payment is accepted, all future payments will automatically be accepted.

OK, it's another silly one - but it comes up every time. Don't forget that you need to have earned at least 1000 points (£10) worth of payback to be able to request to receive it as a PayPal payment.

If you have less you'll need to do one of the following:

  • Take it as credit.
  • Donate to the community's chosen charity.
  • Let it roll over to the next payback period*.

* This can only be done once, if you don't select a payment method second time around then you will lose all payback earned from both payback periods.

Take a look at the terms & conditions for everything relating to payback

To receive payback, you'll need to have an active SIM on your account. This means you must have used the SIM within the last 3 months. It also means that if you have transferred your number to a different network and therefore deactivated your SIM, you won't be eligible to receive your payback.

Unfortunately this also means that if your account is suspended due to the Lost and Stolen process being in progress we may not be able to process your payback. If you are currently waiting for a Lost and Stolen replacement SIM, activate it as soon as it arrives.

If you followed the process above then you should be all set to receive your Payback into your PayPal account. Even if you're certain you've already made your choice ... it can't hurt to go and double check now, can it?

You should be able to see the following statement.

PayPal 03.PNG

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