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Setting up Facebook on your mobile

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It's free to update your Facebook status, comment on your own or other peoples walls via text - below is a quick guide to setting up your Facebook account so you can send and receive updates via text.

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This guide assumes you know what Facebook is and that you already have an account.

  • Visit the mobile settings page.
  • Remove any old mobile phone number you have and enter your password. Do this even if its the same number.
  • Click Set up Facebook texts.
  • Enter your mobile phone number then press continue.
  • A SMS is now sent with a 6 digit confirmation code.
  • Input the confirmation code sent to you and press confirm.
  • You will then see a screen that says Text Messaging On.

Once you've set up your account simply send a text (SMS) to 32665 (FBOOK) to update your status and get notifications without using data.

Facebook 01.PNG

Note: You can choose what you want to get notified about from your settings. Please keep in mind that you may need to use a different code from 32655 (FBOOK), depending on your country and carrier.

It is free to update and receive texts from Facebook, see the pricing page under other UK numbers for more detail.

Here are some commands to get you started with Facebook updates

ADD name or phone number - Add friend by name or phone number

SUBSCRIBE name - Subscribe to status

UNSUBSCRIBE name - Unsubscribe to status

ON - Start text messages

STOP - Stop text messages

You can also use Facebook via Twitter to make life easier if you have both. Install the Twitter Tab app into Facebook and allow it to update your status, now any update to Twitter will appear on Facebook.

If you use a Facebook app without a mobile data inclusive goodybag or go over your allowance, you will be charged for mobile data. This is also the case for access.

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