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The Complete Guide To Private Messaging

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Private Messaging (PM) is an easy way for community members to message each other.

More Information

Private Messages are used by members to discuss queries that may need to be explained in more detail.

Educators and giffgaff staff can also use Private Messages to contact you about subjects regarding the Community and your usage of the forum - e.g. to let you know that you've reached a new rank. Private messaging itself is for the community.

Please Note: Any account related queries you may encounter should be logged to the agents, and not sent to other members or to giffgaff staff via Private Message.

Now, composing a new message, may seem like a daunting task to some, or a walk in the park for others.

This is how you should compose a message.

  • Login
  • Head over to the Community page
  • In the black taskbar below the search bar, you will see mail box near the bell icon. Click on that icon.


  • Composing a message, now... Who are you going to message? - That's for you to decide upon, but when you do, you should click New Message and from here, you guessed it - You'll be able to send a new message.

new message.PNG

  • Type the member name of the person you want to contact in Send to.
  • Type the Message Subject & then write your message.

Along the top of the message box you will find some tools to assist you.

Private Message.PNG

The functions are very similar to a general word processor. You'll find them detailed below:

Icon Function Icon Function Icon Function
Bold.png Is for bold Italics.png Allows you to type in Italics underline.png Allows you to
Cross-out Text.png This allows you to cross out text Spoiler.png This is a spoiler tag - a grey box which when clicked expands Code.png This is used to insert code into your messages - and make sure it is not interpreted by the browser
emoticons.png You probably already know this. Its used to add emoticons to your message Links.png The link allows you to link URL's you may want to include, to an existing thread for example Insert Picture.png This is used to insert images to your message
Insert Video.png This allows you to insert YouTube Videos, or a film from your gallery List points with numbers.png This allows you to list points with numbers Bullet Points.png The three bullet points are used to create list items (like the list below this table)
Customize font.png This allows you to customize the font you type in Increase or decrease the text size.png This allows you to increase or decrease the text size Change Font Colour.png The A icon lets you change the colour of your text
Spell Check.png This allows you to spell check your post        
  • Once you've written your message, you should check it using the spell check function. And also look yourself.
  • Then after this you should click Send message. This will send your message to your selected recipient.

When you receive a new private message, you can find out in different ways:

  • With the email notification you received.
  • The Private messages link on the Community page has gone bold and now gives a number of unread message(s) in red.
  • You are in the Inbox already and noticed a new message in bold.

After clicking the symbol showing you an unread message, you'll be brought to the Inbox, this will allow you to view unread messages. Click on the message to read it.

At any time and without needing to give a reason you have the facility to block a member who has sent you a private message. To do this open the message & then select Ignore.

If you ever receive a message that you feel is inappropriate in any way please don't hesitate to use the Report button and one of our educators will investigate your concern.

Both buttons are shown in the below message:

pm report.PNG 

When a member messages you. You can select Friend to add them.

Please Note: You can type the first few letters of a member name in the Send to field of the message and a list of matching member names will be proposed, so you won't have to remember all the details.

You can turn your private messages on (by ticking) or off (by unticking) and then saving the changes (see screenshot) by following this link

PM notifications.png

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