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What is giffgaff in a box?

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giffgaff in a box is a method we use to deliver a large number of SIMs to a few select community members. The aim of giffgaff in a box is to make it easier for you to promote giffgaff and tell people about it, especially when you're interacting with a large number of people.

More Information

The box contains 50 SIM cards. They are all the triple SIM type.

Although the box used to contain some giffgaff goodies, it now gets sent directly from the warehouse via Royal Mail 1st Class so you can receive it quicker, so the goodies can no longer be included.

The SIM boxes are sent out weekly, direct from the giffgaff distribution warehouse. If you need SIM cards in a hurry then use your affiliate link which is detailed further in I want to give it a try, where do I start? or your Spread giffgaff page.

To be able to order a box, you first need to ask the agents to increase your SIM limit to 50 per month. The decision to increase your SIM limit is based on how efficient your SIM spreading skills are and how many successful activations you get.

To increase your SIM order limit, please Contact an agent explaining you are planning to order a box.

To increase this limit we will verify if at least 20% of the SIM cards we gave you have been activated. We also verify other parameters to assess your spreading skills.

When your SIM limit is increased to 50, simply log in to your Share the Love page and you'll be now able to order a box of 50 SIM cards.

Note: If you are eligible, please take into consideration that giffgaff will review your account history and reserves the right to reject any increases of this limit. Your spreading skills will be reassessed from time to time so your SIM limit may be decreased.

Of course, you will. These SIMs are already linked to your giffgaff account so any activation will be linked to you and you will receive 500 points for every new activation for the first 15 activations only. Once you have reached 15 activations you will be enrolled in the Super Recruiter Program.

Like our other MGM* SIMs, people who join through this route also receive £5 credit on activation.

* MGM stands for 'Member Get Member', the method of when members spread giffgaff with others.

Make good use of the SIMs and persuade large numbers of people to join.

It's expensive to send these boxes out and we lovingly (and painstakingly) pack them individually.

We recommend you hand out leaflets with the SIMs and take time to fully explain how giffgaff works to new recruits. You can download and print leaflets from giffgaff to help you. Links to these leaflets are on our Super Recruiter page.

Like everything we do, we rely on your feedback and contributions to help make this product better. We ask people to submit feedback to us once they've used the product. You can do that in our community.

The product is designed for Super Recruiters who already have good experience in spreading giffgaff and have the desire and ability to do more. A Super Recruiter is anyone who has activated 15 or more SIMs while they have been with giffgaff.

The bottom line is that you need to have exceptional potential to promote giffgaff - which of course only works if you're passionate about the brand.

The 50 SIM cards contained in the box are counted in your monthly SIM limit so you need 50 SIM cards left or more to be able to order a box. When you order a box, the 50 SIM cards are deducted from the remaining number of SIM cards you can order for the month.

Top-Tip: Try to order your box of SIMs in the latter days of the month. If you order early on in the month and use your full allocation of SIMs then your affiliate order link will be disabled until the start of the new month when your allocation gets refreshed.

To re-order the box you need to have activated at least 20% of the box of 50. So long as at least 10 SIMs are activated you can order a new one.

If you have specific questions of a more personal nature, please reach out to our agents.

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