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0344 numbers

Started by: georgettevale
On: 25/11/2011 | 16:33
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by: georgettevale
on: 25/11/2011 | 16:33

What do giffgaff charge for an 0344 number? I put it in the search engine but I am still not sure. 0300's I thought are free like 0800's - am I right? But it is not clear about other numbers starting 03.


My local council has now changed its main contact from a geographical number to an 0344 number.  Annoyingly they have a link to the Ofcom site which explains that 0344 numbers are charged at no more then than 01 or 02 numbers. Which sounds good and generous of them - until you find out they are not included in all landline packages. I did check with Talktalk and they informed me that I would be charged - same as I was when I dialled an 0844 recently. (0845's are free  in my package as are 0870's but not 0871's.)


If Ofcom says they should be charged like 01 and 02 numbers does that mean that they come out of goodybag minutes as usual - or would it come out of credit - if so at what price?


I do have plenty of minutes left in my goodybag - but don't want to use up credit unless I can't help it.


(I remember when the non geographic numbers were an excellent idea and made it much cheaper to contact utilities- but the world of telecommunictions has chaged since then. I object to them now!)








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by: mazz2k11
on: 25/11/2011 | 16:34
0800 nd 0500 aree Free and 0344 is 20p a min
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by: nsp
on: 25/11/2011 | 16:43
Use put the 0344 number in the search bar - it will give you a geographical alternative number which will be covered in your goodybag minutes. Good luck.
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by: doktormandrake
on: 25/11/2011 | 16:53
I love it that 0800 are free. Are GG the only company that does this? O2 used to charge me.

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by: adsb
on: 25/11/2011 | 17:13

All 03 numbers are to be charged at the same rate as 01 and 02 geographic numbers.




So there's no point in searching "Say no to 0870" for 03 numbers.


Note in particular that 0300 numbers are not freephone numbers.


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by: kylie_ysyeng19
on: 25/11/2011 | 17:16
Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines (starting 01, 02, 03) 10p per minute
Free phone numbers (starting 0800, 0808 & 0500) Free

So I guess it should come out of ur goody bag
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by: nsp
on: 25/11/2011 | 17:31
I reconnended 0870 so op could find a number included in goodybag allowance - if I gave wrong information I stand corrected. I will double check now
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