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384 kilobits /48 kilobytes per sec throttle and the peak times are far to long

Started by: 05hudsond
On: 28/12/2018 | 21:10
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by: 05hudsond
on: 28/12/2018 | 21:10

384 kbits or 48kbytes throttle is to slow and i feel it needs to be updated  i think 1megabit should be the new throttle and change the peak times as 8am untill 12 am is way to long ,maybe 3pm to 10pm would be more realistic , i have no acces to wifi untill the 3rd as isp swtiching so been using this always on for the first time and used my 20gb  fast so been stuck  with these speeds everyday untill 12


loading websites  slow

loading facebook very slow

loading gmail  slow

loading video almost impossible 

downloading even small apps or updates  veryslow

trying to get on giffgaffs websites very slow


im going to post another thread with my idea off how i think the always on goodybag should be because right now its no good i wish i had got  a 3 all you can eat data sim for £27 with unlimited non restricted internet but i have been with giffgaff  a few months  using the £10 goodybag witch i like and i also like the forum ,

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by: k89bpa
on: 29/12/2018 | 07:34 edited: 29/12/2018 | 07:38

I've seen your other posts on the subject and I strongly disagree with your suggestion.

I've just read a post from you where you admit to using 110GB of data within 14 days.

I too have "no broadband", I haven't for many years now, and I don't hunt for or use free WiFi either, yet I am and have never been anywhere near your usage levels.

I'm not shy about using data either, I've streamed multiple live sports events this month, about a dozen movies, each week I download about six hours worth of TV programs, I so all my app and operating system upgrades, I'm using VoIP for multiple hours a day, and I'm a heavy Spotify and internet radio user as well, many hours per day.

I asked you the other day how you were using so much data but you ignored me so I'm gonna speculate...

You're either attempting to feed a whole family's data needs via a single personal mobile connection, which is ridiculous and almost certainly a breach of the terms and conditions of use because personal is singular, (it's your connection for your use not your whole family's connection for general use). Or you're blatantly extracting the urine and making absolutely zero effort to moderate your usage based on your current circumstances, choosing instead to try and use your connection as an unlimited one and then complaining when you find out that it's not unlimited after all, (something specified in the terms and conditions).

I'm all for data infrastructure and data packages increasing but I also believe in being realistic.

You claim that Three is totally unrestricted usage for £27/mo but it's not. First there is a traffic management system in place which restricts and prioritizes certain types of network activity, some all day every day, others at different times of the day. Second their network is further affected by heavy congestion in many areas, which further limits their customers connectivity and usage. If you'd purchased their £35/mo "all you can eat" PAYG data bundle, (note again, not unlimited - as well as the above there is a fair usage policy), you'd see just how restrictive it can be at times.

Do you know what the market rate is for the unrestricted data on PAYG you clearly want given your false claims about Three? £1.5/GB meaning those 110GB you've used would cost you £165 so far.

Even on a personal contract the price is £0.60/GB putting your current usage at £66, but you'd actually need to pay a minimum of £80), and the cost of the contract over time would obviously be significantly more.

Are you willing to pay £1.50 per gigabyte?
Are you willing to even pay £0.60 per gigabyte?

Look, I broadly agree with what you're trying to do my friend, mobile connectivity should be full coverage, full speeds and cheap but look around the market, we are NOWWHERE NEAR that stage yet, the infrastructure as well as the mentality of companies and customers both, need to change and improve.

You're trying to go direct from Lands End to John O'Groats totally ignoring that even if you fly there are still many marker points along the way, unless you pay a lot of money and hire a helicopter or light aircraft and crew to take you direct from point A to point B.

As far as mobile data is concerned, you can do the same, you can get what you want IF you're willing to pay for it, but otherwise you gotta talk the slower and less direct route like everyone else not willing to pay.

Your usage, you should have had a word with EE and picked up one of their home broadband sims for a month, (if available for that short a period), which would be the equivalent of driving to Exeter airport and taking a commercial flight to Aberdeen with a taxi both ends and it wouldn't have been unrestricted, but it would have been a lot more suitable for your needs, particularly if you're feeding a whole family's data needs.

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by: k89bpa
on: 29/12/2018 | 07:45
Just as context to your usage by the way, yesterday I hammered my connection by my standards.

It's a connection that runs at around 80-150Mbps download depending on network conditions, and I still fell over 2.5GB below your average daily usage.

So even with the restrictions giffgaff place on you you're STILL using more than 150% of the data that someone who deliberately increased their data usage to try and catch up managed to use on a much, much faster connection.
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by: 05hudsond
on: 29/12/2018 | 21:31
sorry didnt see your question about my usage and ok ill explain myself

usage 240p/360p youtube alot i have aspergers and get addicted to stuff and learning new things natrully im addicted to youtube altho i dont stream hours a day as thats not possible and why should i have a word with ee ?? whats wrong with using it on giffgaff i have had a sim in my phone for months and im only using this high data untill the 3rd then its back to the 10er bag also have u used 3 ?? like i was three customer for years and youtube always worked 24/7 at any resolution i came to giffgaff for the 10 goodybag as i have broadband usually and dont go out much , this is not broadband usage .... and u cant argue with that as your broadband usage and mine are totally diffrent i use well over 1.5 tb a month on broadband on giffgaff i barley used ten percent , im following the rules so whats the problem all i ask is bit of extra speed or lower the peak times then my usage will drop because at night i download stuff to occupy me in the day
download videos off youtube at night no higher the 360p
catch up on my tv programs witch is no more the 1 hour and half max and thats not every night its maybe 3 times aweek
download apps and games from store some are a few gb
downlaoaded a few small pc games from, steam like there around 5gb
lots of web browsing and social media usage

im feeding my whole family ?? what gives you that impression p.s i live alone altho i do have a dog but he dont use internet lmao

i admit my usage to some maybe extreme but i havent been streaming anything above 360p i havent downloaded half the internet i have used 10 percent off my normal broadband usage i have also checked terms and condtions before i purchased and couldnt see any issues with my type off usage

if the day time speeds was fast enough for low qaulity youtube i would have used alot less as i wouldnt have to be awake from12am till 8am downloading stuff for during the extremly throttled periods ,
just always rember everyones usage is diffrent there are those that use 100s off gbs on mobile networks ( p,s i was one off them when i was on three 3 years ago ) if the terms and conditions said you cant use over a set ammount then i wouldnt use it but it dont my complaint is just the slowness in day and long peak times
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by: 05hudsond
on: 29/12/2018 | 21:34
and by hammering it exacly what you mean by that ?? you had multiple gbs off downloads going while streaming at the highest setting most off day ?? and my usage is all in the night Smiley Wink
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by: giffgaff20147
on: 29/12/2018 | 21:43


Hello it’s better than it was it used to be 256kbps 

the idea of reduced speed is to stop you using to much data as unlimited was scrapped in 2015 due to data abuse ,

you want to push it up to a higher speed then you are diffeting the reason why it’s reduced speed ,


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by: 05hudsond
on: 29/12/2018 | 22:33
can you explain this data abuse ?? how can anyone on unlimited data abuse somthing thats unlimited or at least described that way ..... when asa got involved giffgaff said peoples data usage amount wasnt the problem it was tethering and thank god its not 256 kilobits as that would be horrible
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by: k89bpa
on: 30/12/2018 | 00:59
@05hudsond wow, you really do have a YouTube addiction, that usage equates to twelve hours a day at 480p and you say you're using 360p so that makes it about fourteen hours a day, every day.

I've mo comment to make about that.

As you were.
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by: mcilwraith
on: 30/12/2018 | 12:39

a common suggestion from high data users.

same old same old

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