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Started by: col1968
On: 22/07/2016 | 07:56
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by: col1968
on: 22/07/2016 | 07:56

Hi there everyone hope you all ok ? i have not been on the forums for a while and, i have noticed that a lot of people are complaining about 4G speeds :-( are GG looking into this ? i work on mobile phone towers and masts and know that 02 are upgrading a lot of sites to 4G so, things are getting better all of the time. Re speeds this should be down to GG to investigate this, i have been with GG with a number of years now, all of my family are on GG and are a few friends :-) Yes i agree that speeds seem a little slower and, i find it frustating at times, lets hope things improve and, people can have more positive things to say about GG,as for me and my family,we are going no where :-)

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by: terran_federation
on: 22/07/2016 | 08:22
O2, not [MVNO] giffgaff are expanding their network. However, you'll have probably realised that giffgaff's 4G (and 3G) speeds are really poor for many customers.
It's been like this for over two years and giffgaff have been able to do nothing effective about it.
Goodybag prices have been increased, data allowances reduced and unlimited data Goodybags have been capped - but the data is still too slow to be useful.

If you are willing to put up with slow data, then giffgaff is fine. If you expect a quality service with data that actually lets you use Google maps or load a website when you're away from WiFi, then look elsewhere.
The giffgaff data problem isn't going to be resolved.
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by: shortylumber
on: 22/07/2016 | 08:46
"vespaash2 vespaash2 handy giff-staffer
Jul 21

Hi. We agree it's time for an update on data experience. You can expect a post on this in the next few weeks."

This was a recent post from a gg staffer, it will most likely address the speed issues, but whether it will address the possibility of increasing speeds or not is something we will have to wait to see the post about it.
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by: sarahbanahnah
on: 22/07/2016 | 11:11
Like suggested above. You will get an update soon so don't worry pal
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by: rachel_mckelvey
on: 22/07/2016 | 22:16

Let's hope Giffgaff get more data from o2, it can't keep going like this

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