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On: 07/01/2012 | 22:34
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I'm a great fan of 'Your 5 A Day' run by Hazel and the rest of the educators but I sometimes forget about it and soon after being posted, the thread works it's way down to the bottom of the list of threads in the Social board.


I know the Educators put a lot of time into 5 A Day and I don't think it gets as much love as it deserves. 


So, I'm appealing on behalf of the Educators to find a way to improve the shareability of 5 A Day.


Can you give your feedback on the topics below and any additional ones you have:

  • How do you share 5 A Day with your friends?
  • How do you think giffgaff can promote 5 A Day more?
  • Can you think of a way to stop the thread being overlooked?
  • A way to make 5 A Day a bigger part of the community? 

Please note: Things like sending emails, sending mass PMs etc cannot be concidered as giffgaff is anti-spam



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on: 07/01/2012 | 22:34 edited: 07/01/2012 | 22:49

One way to do this is via Social Networking sites:


Share Button At the bottom of the post, you will see the Share button.



When you hover over the share button, you will see this box. When you click on something within the box (For example Twitter or Facebook) it will open that specific website with a link to the post.



In this case, I have shared by Twitter. I clicked Twitter and this box opened. All I do now is press 'Tweet' and the link is posted on Twitter.


The same would happen with Facebook and it would post the link on your wall.


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by: rochessel
on: 07/01/2012 | 22:43
Make it always have a few really funny vids in it! You could mention it on the main page maybe in replace of gg is two...if its not already been taken down(cant see on my phone)
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by: rochessel
on: 07/01/2012 | 22:45
Are they still wanting our help with the posts or just doing it themselves now? Maybe if everyone knew they could get involved could help
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on: 07/01/2012 | 22:53

Yes - if you have some content you'd like to see on the 5 A Day, you can submit them via this form:


This is mentioned at the bottom of every 5 A Day.


Also, the Happy 2nd Birthday has now been removed.

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by: rochessel
on: 07/01/2012 | 22:59
I had submitted a few before just wasnt sure that was happening. And I've never noticed it on the posts oddly.

Happy gg is 2 is finally down lol.
Whats in its replace? Maybe my moaning before helped lol
But a clickable link on the main board would get more interest.
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by: rochessel
on: 07/01/2012 | 23:02
I cant actually see all your post. Cant wait to set my iphone then I wont have this problem lol
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on: 08/01/2012 | 18:59

A way to get 5 A Day sent to you via email or text has come to my attention - thanks stephenmiller Smiley Happy


Hi all, many of you will probably have seen the 5 a day that's put together by the educator team every day but there's a good chance you've probably mised a couple. Jamesd2010s' archive is a great resource and I tip my hat to him but I wanted a way to know as soon as it was posted so I set up a couple of ways to keep up to date. You've probably missed a few so when you're done reading this head over to James' archive and check out the ones you've missed :smileyhappy:


RSS feed


RSS is a great tool but admitedly it took me a while to get a working RSS feed to this but finally I found a way that works.


To add the RSS feed to your RSS reader just right click, copy shortcut and paste the address into your feed reader. Works on any RSS reader at all


RSS feed here


I use Windows live mail for my email and the great thing about it is that if you have an RSS widget on your sidebar it uses the RSS feed in Windows live mail.



With an RSS reader you're probably not going to get all the stuff in there, desktop widgets don't really play back videos or display .gifs very well but it links to the actual post and you can get to it in two clicks.


SMS notifications


Another thing I have set up is that I recieve an SMS text message with a link to the post sent to me. You might have seen If This Then That ( ) but it's a great little tool.


The recipe I have set up just alerts me when a new item is added to the RSS URL and it checks every 15 minutes, if there's something new it sends you an SMS saying 'New post on 5 a day' and then a hyperlink to it so you can view it on your phone if you like.


Here's the recipe


If you want to know more on If This Then That then wman2 has done an excellent job of showing how to use it here so check that out. It's a great service and once you start using it you'll find 1000s of things you can do with it.


Email notifications


I'm going to see about getting a mailing list or some automatic delivery email set up bt for now using the wonder of ifttt you can do it yourself if SMS notifications aren't your thing.


For best results you're always going to be better following links to the site here to view properly, phones don't display all content properly and neither do things like Google reader even.


You can find the original thread here:

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by: jamesd2010
on: 08/01/2012 | 19:36

Can you give your feedback on the topics below and any additional ones you have:

  • How do you share 5 A Day with your friends?
  • How do you think giffgaff can promote 5 A Day more?
  • Can you think of a way to stop the thread being overlooked?
  • A way to make 5 A Day a bigger part of the community? 

Hi all,


Great of you to bring this to discussion!


Bullet 1 - My main port of call for sharing is in-house here via personal messaging, and social integration via the 'Tweet post' - I do this because it uses the link, and it doesn't add the tweeted via @giffgaff and the #addthis hashtag.


Bullet 2 - Again social interaction, it is clear that taking content out of the giffgaff world and getting it spread over the net will increase traffic to giffgaff. Using services such as reddit to promote the videos is also useful in the world of the Internet.


Bullet 3 - All the 5 a day's to be consistent, that's having the link to yesterday's 5 a day at the bottom, this prevents the fresh content from being lost, we don't want old content looked at more and the new content washed away.


Bullet 4 - To showcase it more,  within the 5 a day -  embed the community poll that adds contribution and traffic to the 5 a day. What I mean by this is that instead of running the polls and 5 a day separate. Combine them, so 'As per this weeks 5 a day blog post we ask:' and then there is a link in the poll to that 5 a day, and the contribution from the poll is reflected in the 5 a day, and vice versa.


You mention about the 5 a days being lost down in the forum which is a big problem - I update this mostly daily, it's a personal archive I like to put a lot of work into and you can view it by clicking HERE


I also post when I update the thread, so if you want to subscribe to the post - When I update it, you'll get an e-mail.

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by: stephenmiller
on: 16/01/2012 | 22:14 edited: 16/01/2012 | 22:35

HTML code for the banner  posted by Samlowe on the next page Smiley Tongue


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