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£5 goody bag

Started by: maz4501
On: 17/10/2010 | 01:44
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by: maz4501
on: 17/10/2010 | 01:44

With all the mobile operators trying to compete with giffgaff new rates and the best example being TESCO


where a sim only 30 day rollover, one gets 100mins, unlimited text for £6 a month and tesco club card points.


As per my knowledge it the cheapest mobile deal out there.


I think giffgaff should update its £5 goodybag by adding at-least 50mins to £5 goodybag.


What do u guys think?


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by: crazylegs
on: 17/10/2010 | 01:48

Its contract so doesn't apply!


30 day rolling contract, Giffgaff is PAYG no contract


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by: maz4501
on: 17/10/2010 | 02:26
if u take a goodybag... then its like a 30day contract.
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by: ragnorak
on: 17/10/2010 | 02:32


@maz4501 wrote:
if u take a goodybag... then its like a 30day contract.

Except it isn't auto-renewed every month, so you can wait until you need it before you buy. And don't forget the internet isn't included with the Tesco deal...


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by: maz4501
on: 17/10/2010 | 02:39
the internet is free till 1 dec 2010 only.. then it wont be free...

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by: mary_r_t
on: 17/10/2010 | 02:59
I think the best comparison for that tesco deal is to look at the 10 pound goodybag. For that extra 4 quid over tesco you get unlimited internet and 50 mins. Most companies would charge you an extra fiver for a capped internet bolt on. If you look at it that way Giffgaff are still better value over tesco and won't the you into that contract :-)
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by: maz4501
on: 17/10/2010 | 03:15
y are u going on for £10 goodybag...

£10 goodybag with 150mins is good value

But im talking about £5 goodybag... and i feel it could give a better vaule for money with 50mins or soo...
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by: perola
on: 17/10/2010 | 08:29
Yess, I would probably buy the £5 goodybag with 50 mins added (I don't buy a goodybag at the moment), but would it make a profit? I seriously considered Tesco and decided against it. I like the flexibility of Giffgaff.
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by: piplisa
on: 17/10/2010 | 10:09

on a rolling contract, you will have to tell them to stop.

how many people have had trouble stopping things.

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by: piplisa
on: 17/10/2010 | 10:11

and if you what say :- sainsbury points get a o2 voucher.

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