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A Knowledge Base Run By You: Contribute to the KB

Started by: will23
On: 21/03/2014 | 14:37
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by: will23
former giff-staffer

on: 21/03/2014 | 14:37 edited: 06/06/2016 | 15:58


Hi everyone, 


The Knowledge Base is the community's source of information, think of it like our encyclopedia of all things giffgaff. Normally a company would keep the maintenance of their KB to themselves, but we don't think that's right; members are much more able to keep on top of changing information, spot typos and anything else that needs to be updated than any giffgaff staffer would be able to. Instead, giffgaff members run our KB; this means that the giffgaff Knowledge Base is a Knowledge Base run by you. 



How can I update the KB?

Anyone can contribute and update the KB, whether you are a new member or have been a member for years. There are two ways to get the knowledge base updated; the first is to become a Silver Approved Helper and pass the "Become a Knowledge Base Editor" quiz. There is nothing stopping anyone becoming an Approved Helper, it just takes a little time. Alternatively, if you find something that you think needs to be fixed, added or edited in the Knowledge Base you can post in this thread and another member will be happy to pick it up.


Once an edit has been made it will be saved as a draft and sent off for one of our publishers to take a look at. The publishers are all Gold Approved Helpers who have been specially chosen for their expertise and enthusiasm towards keeping the Knowledge Base as up to date and accurate as possible. The publishers are here to do the fiddly formatting, make sure that there are no typos and just double check all the facts. With the best will in the world not many people pick up all their mistakes themselves all the time; I know I don't for sure. The publishers all keep a close eye on this thread, so come and say hello. 


Our current publishers are:


If you have any concerns that can't be addressed by the publishers, or you just fancy a chat, then talk to one of the educators or shoot me a PM. The community management team aren't hiding away, we're here to support the KB in any way that it needs and we'll make sure to pass on any new information that crops up in this thread.



Becoming a publisher

If you'd like to become a publisher then you need to be a Gold Approved Helper and also have passed the "Become a Knowledge Base Publisher" quiz. Once you pass this quiz the community team will help you on your way to becoming a publisher. This quiz won't be ready for a little while. We wanted to hand over the reigns earlier rather than later, so this will come soon.



All the best,


Former Community Manager 
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by: roxy_r
community giff-staffer

on: 21/06/2016 | 15:14 edited: 22/06/2016 | 08:08

Hello gaffers,


Due to the fact that the Knowledge base is undergoing a refresh in both look and direction, we have opened a new thread to better fit the current situation.


Have a look at the new post here: Click.


This thread is now locked to avoid confussion but feel free to PM me if you have any questions.




community manager in the Help&Support area
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by: limpinpup
on: 21/03/2014 | 15:33
Great stuff i hope you get a few more publishers as this is so important to gg. Smiley Happy
Regards limpinpup
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by: blackfive460
on: 21/03/2014 | 15:37

Excellent news.

The sooner this resource is used to its full potential the better.

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by: cim
on: 21/03/2014 | 15:53

That sounds great and well done and thanks for setting it up - and thanks to the industrious gold helpers for their publishing work. Will aim to participate where I can Smiley Happy

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by: solubility
on: 21/03/2014 | 15:57

With giffgaff constantly evolving this makes perfect sense, more control for the community has to be a good thing.


I also like how it has been integrated with the approved helper quizzes, as it gives them even more of a purpose.

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by: jeremyn
former giff-staffer

on: 21/03/2014 | 15:58

Today is a great day for the Knowledge Base, thank you for making it a reality Will Smiley Happy


Having so many eyes looking for errors and improvements - and so many hands to correct them -  the Knowledge Base can only become better and better. I am very curious to see how you will shape it and make it yours.


Congratulation to endorphin and figment_uk who put themselves forward as the two first publishers, you really deserve a round of applause.


I am running around in anticipation for the first edits to be submitted so don't be shy and start posting!

-- Knowledge Manager --
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by: radable
on: 21/03/2014 | 16:05


I though KB was sort of maintained sourced by members aready.
either way, clever move.

I often browse through KB myself when I am not sure about things. Can be improved - search, structure, titles.

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by: waveman
on: 21/03/2014 | 16:09
Great news!
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by: wjack2010
on: 21/03/2014 | 16:11
Good news! I'll take the become a knowledge base editor quiz soon and will get my information out there Smiley Happy
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by: jeff_elephant
on: 21/03/2014 | 16:12

Good idea to delegate to giffgaffers. Hopefully, this will free up valuable Educator time for new things on the Community Board!

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