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A List of Impossible Ideas?

Started by: iceqntrider
On: 24/10/2010 | 08:45
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by: alexb38
on: 24/10/2010 | 13:15

What I was thinking was have something like when you click on the 'Submit your ideas' forum, it comes up with just the search bar, and you aren't able to create an idea until you have searched and found nothing.

There could also be a browse feature, enabling you to read existing ideas and give them kudos.

How's that sound?


Alex Barnes dotmedotuk
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by: dawsonator1
on: 24/10/2010 | 23:15

It would be quite good if the system automatically did a search from the title you enter before it lets you enter your idea and brings up links. Then you have to select a tick box to confirm that none of the results are the same as your idea.

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