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A review into custom banners.

Started by: jamesd2010
On: 03/07/2011 | 16:48
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by: jamesd2010
on: 03/07/2011 | 16:48

Ok, so the more I research into custom made banners, the more  false marketing information I see. Even with giffgaff's banners, the information provided is very limited, I think this needs to change. We can't go advertising information that's not true, and as such, saying that SIMs come with £5 free credit is misleading to a new customer, I know If I saw such information, it would lead me to different conclusions.


My proposal, is to have the idea of custom banners reviewed, not abolished, people like Joshaw make fantastic banners, getting rid of them would be a terrible thing to do, but we need some kind of rules on what we can and can't have. The community guidelines were recently updated, but, I think, that to be fair, the banners need some rules on what they can and can't have on them.


I also think that reinterpreting the £5 free credit for something it's not shouldn't be allowed, one member I saw in the past, converted the £5 into the equivalent of minutes and texts preloaded. The word preloaded shouldn't be permitted with these banners, £5 free is not preloaded, and requires money to get that.


Rules are to educate, we need this, if not, we waste giffgaff's money on wasted SIM orders, where people have been mislead. OK, it's not my strongest Idea, it was never meant to be that, but more a strong point that needs a review.

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by: yoyo2
on: 03/07/2011 | 16:53

You have a point,instead it should say £5 extra credit free.

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by: darrenpainter
on: 03/07/2011 | 16:56

No it should say

£5 extra credit *Only on activation after a £10 topup


As you say, it's not free, it isn't pre-loaded and it confuses people into thinking they are getting something for nothing rather than something in return

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by: andymcandy
on: 03/07/2011 | 16:57

@yoyo2 no it shouldn't say that, it should say £5 extra credit when activated with a £10+ top up.


Great idea, though, it certainly is misleading

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by: jamesd2010
on: 03/07/2011 | 16:58

Thanks for the support Darren, I know giffgaff don't like terms and conditions in their ads, but I feel it's essential to have something in there's and then custom ones should have rules on what we can have.

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by: wilky
on: 03/07/2011 | 16:59

the thing i dont get is this...


the way i see the banners on here is very similar to that of google adverts..


my computer knows im on giffgaff as i visit the site every day so every other site i go on all i see is giffgaff adverts, to me.. this is a very pointless excerise as im already aware of giffgaff and the fantastic rates/payback etc..


now to me the banners are in some way very similar to this...  personally any new member or potential are going to go to (or personalized URL) first rather than

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by: darrenpainter
on: 03/07/2011 | 17:00

Failing that, it should at least say about the need for the £10 activation on the actual referral page the banner takes you to.

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by: khairul
on: 03/07/2011 | 17:00
I always say, "£5 extra credit free with your first top-up" Not too little, not a mouthful.
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by: jamesd2010
on: 03/07/2011 | 17:01



I agree, giffgaff aren't going to get new customers if they're showing ads to their customers! But this is just the ad serves technique, rest assured people not on giffgaff do get the ads but it would be nice to see this advertised differently too.

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by: yoyo2
on: 03/07/2011 | 17:02

You have a point there,sorry.

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