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Started by: nyady
On: 07/08/2018 | 23:28
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by: nyady
on: 07/08/2018 | 23:28 edited: 12/08/2018 | 09:55

GiffGaff would do well to venture into these 2 areas:


1. Pay As You Go tariffs targeted at Ghanaians resident in the UK who keep regular contact with family back home


2. Secondly GiffGaff might wish to consider also mobile money transfer among same group of Ghanaians resident in the UK.


The latter is one of the simplest ways to remit money back home. It has become so popular some high street banks as well as online entities like XE Currency Exchange are actively trading already.


My tuppence piece.


My tuppence piece on my maiden post.

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by: alecalexandrou
on: 12/08/2018 | 13:37
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by: allan1954
on: 12/08/2018 | 10:19
@nyady giffgaff caters now for anybody to call home from the UK if you mean that Ghanaians get a special rate can't see this ever happening. the same for money transfer.
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by: endorphin
on: 12/08/2018 | 10:58

Hi @nyady

  1. giffgaff has to negotiate the international dialing rates with each country's partner network so it would be dependent on the partner network being able to offer giffgaff cheaper rates. giffgaff does review it's international dialling rates occasionally however they may go up as well as down. Note that there are no favoured countries.
  2. mobile money transfer requires a lot of work to implement and as such giffgaff would be unlikely to do so! If giffgaff were to offer this it would be available to everyone and not to a specific portion of its members.
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by: isabel1066
on: 12/08/2018 | 11:26
@nyady giffgaff treats everybody equal as for calls data texts so can't see this happening as for money transfer like you said these other companies are doing it now so no need for giffgaff to do it.
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by: mcilwraith
on: 12/08/2018 | 11:55

why Ghanaians?

does the rest of the world not exist Smiley Happy

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by: ashleybristoluk
on: 12/08/2018 | 12:44

don't see this will happned

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by: alecalexandrou
on: 12/08/2018 | 13:37
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by: giffgaff20147
on: 12/08/2018 | 18:41


Hello you cant give preference to target anyone surly it’s called discrimination 


you want to call outside uk the tariff is same for everyone you need credit 



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by: nyady
on: 12/08/2018 | 23:21
Pardon me please

I’m still getting used to the forum

I think I wrongly posted a new conversation as a reply to an existing thread

Thanks for your suggestions
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by: nyady
on: 12/08/2018 | 23:50
Wrong post, wrong thread, I’m still learning

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