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**APPALLING** layout of Activate Your Sim page

Started by: harrrrrry
On: 09/04/2016 | 14:25
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by: harrrrrry
on: 09/04/2016 | 14:25 edited: 09/04/2016 | 14:51


Users are being unnnecessarily confused by the current appalling layout of the Activate Your Sim page.


It is clear that many users are missing the Activate by Voucher button which is hidden in the top right hand corner. As a result, they are arriving at the wrong activation page and then being unnecessarily puzzled by the lack of the voucher option.


There is an example of a user being mislead by this at but this is at least the tenth forum example of users being puzzed by not being able to use a voucher. I'm convinced that this poor form layout is the reason for their problems and if there are so many such posts in the forum, its likely that there are hundreds of other users that are being mislead by it.



Here's how it currently looks:




Notice how that continue button is ten times more prominent than the Activate By Voucher button -- and that many people who don't recognise that as a button will think its confirmation that they are already on the Activate By Voucher page.


Consequently, many people will press Continue without ever realising there is another button on the page.


Here's how it ought to be done:




The improved layout ensures that every user is properly aware of the pay by voucher option and does not accidentally arrive on the wrong page.


This change corresponds to giffgaff's supposed aim to make its pages SIMPLER -- for which, the top priority should be that users do not make mistakes caused by badly thought out form layouts.

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by: kyle5432
on: 09/04/2016 | 14:27
Seems like a completely petty point to raise to be honest. It's not difficult to see.
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by: nosh2
on: 09/04/2016 | 14:28
dnt think its that hard seem pretty easy to see tbh
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by: harrrrrry
on: 09/04/2016 | 14:39 edited: 09/04/2016 | 14:49


seem pretty easy to see tbh


Yes, and that's fine if you only go there to study the page. But the average user goes there just to fill in the form, not to study the page. And that's the person we should be designing the form for, not the form coder's boss who probably never tries to use the page.


The user's line of sight is always down a column, never across the page. That's why telephone directories always go in alphabetic order down the column, never across the page.


So, the user will see first the box to fill in the activation code, and then the continue button -- but the option to activate with a voucher will never have been seen.


It's poor user interface design -- forms need to be designed for what users actually do (and the confusion in the post mentioned above is a proof of what users actually do).

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by: hunterchunk
on: 09/04/2016 | 14:39

@harrrrrry I completely agree with you and your last version is definitely better. I have seen at least 3 people on the H and S forum this week with exactly the problem you have pointed out . Perhaps you should post in labs . I would vote for it . Well spotted buddy .

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by: pd789
on: 09/04/2016 | 15:23
I'm not sure why someone said it's a "petty point", it certainly isn't. And something like that should be very easy to implement. Good catch.
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by: figment_uk
on: 09/04/2016 | 15:39



I agree with your points about the layout being too complicated.  To go further with the simplification, I'd revert the SIM code field to the way it used to be, whereby the 6 digit code or 13 digit serial number can be entered without having to click a link first, and possibly do away with the Continue button and make "I have a voucher" and "I have a debit/credit card" the buttons to move to the next stage.

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by: endorphin
on: 09/04/2016 | 17:30 edited: 09/04/2016 | 18:09

Yes it isn't obvious! I also agree with figment's suggestions:




after all SIMPLICITY, as we've been told, is key!


PS here's a timely counterpoint

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by: scrips49
on: 09/04/2016 | 17:56

I totally agree with @harrrrrry simple is best. It seems odd to put the voucher up out of way and have a huge bright yellow continue button, which people, in haste, will use. I, for one, don't always read a whole page when filling forms. As I have found to my cost, from time to time.


It needs changing 

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by: kath72
on: 09/04/2016 | 19:07

Simplicity is the way forward
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