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Allow to Select 3 Best Answers instead of just 1

Started by: oliverspooner
On: 13/02/2018 | 17:38
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by: zahra_javid
on: 14/02/2018 | 11:39

oliverspooner wrote:

Sometimes after you ticked the Best Answer box and you'll see couple more other good answers more elaborate and accurate.

Why is it that we allowed to give loads of Kudos but we only one Best Answer when sometimes you really get couple of best answers there ?

@oliverspooner i agree with u

Ideally 1 best answer should be enough but not the case if u select a best answer then later a member may come with a better more detailed answer that u can select.


Now i know u can change ur best answer but why take credit away from the member that u first selected as best answer in favour for another.  Both should get credit.  In short u should have option to mark more than one best answer per topic.


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