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Android Internet APN setup app

Started by: paul_shirley
On: 30/09/2010 | 03:07
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by: paul_shirley
on: 30/09/2010 | 03:07 edited: 18/02/2017 | 11:25

Telefonica have requested Google remove the app from the store, I don't have time to recompile it with giffgaff trademarks removed and you wouldn't be able to find it in the store if I did, so updated to version 0. Can't post it anywhere else either, for the same trademark reasons.


Be nice if someone in gg management would sort out the infringement claim lodged with Google, don't want a record building up.



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by: judd_r
former giff-staffer

on: 18/02/2017 | 11:31

Hey folks, 


This thread is pretty old and unfortunately the application is no longer available, so I have locked this thread up.  


If you are looking for the official my giffgaff app, check out this link here:



Nice one Smiley Happy 


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by: steel
on: 30/09/2010 | 04:11 edited: 30/09/2010 | 04:16

Worked fine for me (2.1 Galaxy Portal). I appreciated the "this app does one thing, press this button to do it" approach; no need for it to be more complicated than that.


Maybe link to the APN settings afterwards so people can see what it's done?


Edit: Oh, maybe also mention that the app doesn't do anything you can't do manually, but it provides a one-click service to simplify the process? Just thinking out loud here.

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by: jdtanner
on: 10/10/2010 | 22:05
Amazing! This is an app that GiffGaff should support officially Smiley Very Happy
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by: sensory
on: 15/10/2010 | 14:56

Excellent app! This really helped me fix my APN troubles.

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by: paul_shirley
on: 01/11/2010 | 01:52

Updated to version 1.1


  • the app now installes seperate data and MMS APN's since San Francisco owners seem to need this.
  • wording changes


If San Francisco owners could try this and confirm whether it works or not it would be useful.


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by: mondeoman1970
on: 01/11/2010 | 02:06

Nice one Paul, I must try this when I set up my Desire again.



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by: billycraig
on: 01/11/2010 | 02:21 edited: 01/11/2010 | 02:34

Going to delete my current APN settings and try this out Smiley Happy

I'll edit this post when I'm done.


Had a go. I like it! Works very well and is nice visually. I love the 'toast' notifcation at the end saying 'giffgaffed'! That's brilliant. I remember when I was coding how much creating a 'toast' made me smile like it was an achievement...


Anyways, good job on the .apk, now we need to get someone to push this into the Market!

My name is Dean Craig, not Billy Craig.
Black HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1/Google phone) - Android 2.3 ("COS" rom) - Owned since May '09
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by: mondeoman1970
on: 01/11/2010 | 02:46

Hmmm... Now bear in mind I am new to all things Android, but how would you install this with no internet to download it.


In other words if say I had just reloaded my phone, how do I then use this?


I downloaded it to my computer to have a look, but its not the normal .apk file I'm use to.

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by: billycraig
on: 01/11/2010 | 02:59
• You'll need to plug in your USB.
• Now when prompted, pull the top-bar down and select USB Connected.
• Then when it loads, hit the Turn On USB button.
• Once it's done you'll either get a window open on your computer of the drive (something like D:\). If not, go to My Computer and do it manually.
• Copy the file from your PC to that drive (your phone).
• On your phone, hit the Turn Off USB and once it's back to asking if you want to Turn On USB, unplug your phone.
• Use a file manager like OI File Manager, ASTRO File Manager or Linda File Manager. Then direct yourself to the root of your SD Card.
• Now select the .apk. When you go to install you may get a popup exclaiming that for security reasons the app can't be installed. Just click the OK (or whatever) button and then make sure Apps from Unknown Sources is ticked. Then try again.
• Then install the app properly. Once it's done, open it!
• Finally, run the app by pressing the button (after reading it of course) and then choosing to either install the APN or delete old APNs and install this APN.
• You should be all giffgaffed with the app on your phone incase something goes wrong! Smiley Happy
My name is Dean Craig, not Billy Craig.
Black HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1/Google phone) - Android 2.3 ("COS" rom) - Owned since May '09
Click here to view my Christmas giffgaff packet designs!
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by: mondeoman1970
on: 01/11/2010 | 03:11 edited: 01/11/2010 | 04:08

Ok Dean I'm with you till the part you select the .apk

When I open the folder "giffgaffapn.1.0" on my phone, all I see is 3 files and two folders, I cant see any .apk


If I download it via my phone its fine.

Yet if I download it via my computer the file shows as a zip file lol


Smiley Sad Sorry to be so thick.





Ok once I transfer the .zip file from my computer to my phone, I just need to change the .zip to .apk and all is fine.


Still can't work out why it downloads to my computer as a .zip tho.

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