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Any way of turning this off on iPhone using GiffGaff?

Started by: arrrghsam
On: 01/04/2010 | 16:48
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by: arrrghsam
on: 01/04/2010 | 16:48 edited: 01/04/2010 | 16:51

Hey guys, I've been using my Giffgaff SIM with my iPhone 3G for a good week or two now, and it's excellent so far.

I was on Orange (Originally an O2 iPhone, jailbroken) and now I'm on Giffgaff I can finally use the 3G wherever I like.


Anyway, what I want to ask is whether there's a way of removing the page that pops up when you send a text or call someone?

I never had the Popup when I was using my Orange SIM, and whilst it's definitely helpful, I find it annoying more often than not.


I generally send a text and lock my iPhone straight away, and this popup unlocks the phone again and as far as I can tell, it doesn't automatically lock itself again until you hit Dismiss.


Below is a Screenshot of what I'm talking about, any help is appreciated! Smiley Happy


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by: trick202
on: 01/04/2010 | 18:07

There's a thread dedicated to this subject.


Have a little search around, you'll find it no probs Smiley Wink


I have the same thing on my iPhone, although it seems to pop up randomly - not after every single use.

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by: danielclo1il
on: 01/04/2010 | 18:21

the pop-up balances are a bit of a pain, there is a choice in mygiffgaff to switch them off, its coming around June Smiley Happy

see thread here




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by: arrrghsam
on: 01/04/2010 | 18:41

Ah, apologies for posting the Thread without looking around first!

Thanks for the link, I'll put up with it until the option goes live Smiley Tongue

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by: trick202
on: 02/04/2010 | 10:32

You're welcome.


Smiley Wink

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