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Best Android Smartphone for Under £200?

Started by: billybear
On: 23/07/2010 | 10:53
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by: andyking
on: 25/07/2010 | 11:58

When I first heard about Android, I thought "that's definitely where I'm going when I buy my next mobile". Integration with Google Apps, a great HTML5-capable web browser, plenty of available applications... it sounded perfect. 


But the more I hear about it, the less I want it. Tales abound of phones with version such-and-such that can't be upgraded to the latest OS, apps that will only run on one version of the OS, updates every couple of months so that whatever you buy will be very quickly outdated. All I seem to hear now about Android is people pestering various manufacturers and networks to release Froyo for their specific device. Not something I want to get into. 


Having said all that, I'm unlikely to be in the market for a new mobile for a year or so, I'm happy with the one I've got for now and I haven't (quite) worn it out yet. Maybe the issues will have been ironed out by then.

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by: glw
on: 25/07/2010 | 12:15

I would summarise the situation as this -- Android is great, the mobile manufacturers are just as bad as ever.


I'm crossing my fingers that Dell gets it.

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by: trick202
on: 25/07/2010 | 15:32


jimandrews wrote:


We must agree to disagree. I too have extensive knowledge of both platforms but arrive at a different conclusion. I take all aspects into account, not least costs. I KNOW that your assumptions about how I might have come to my conclusions are wrong but realise you don't have that luxury. I may revise my position if circumstances change but until then no amount of drivel from other observers  will alter my view. Hope your new iphone 4 is all you hope it will be.....same for your Range Rover Vogue.



Well, thanks for that Jim. You're right, I don't have the luxury of knowing how you came about your 'conclusion' (if that's what we're calling it) - fortunately, I didn't ask. You'll know when I'm directing a comment at you, as you'll see an @jimandrews opener.


It's OK to have different opinions Jim - I actually balanced my post with positive aspects of Android as well as my perceived negatives. I also did the same with ios. If gingerbread addresses the 'beta' feel, and the apps improve, I'll buy another Android device. I'm aware that some people think it's 'cool' to hate the iPhone (and apple for that matter) - each to their own I say!


As for costs: My 16 gb 3gs was with me for a year and cost me £400, and was sold a year later for £330, and had lots of interest. My Desire cost £429, plus a 16gig sd card at £25. I sold it about 10 weeks after purchase (with few calls about it or much interest) for £350. I also bought the Hero on it's release last year. It was out a couple of months after the 3gs. When I came to sell my 3gs it was till one of the best phones on the market - compare that to the Hero which was (at the time of the sale) still languishing on an old OS with no GMN or updated market. 


As for your final sentiment, I'm not sure why you'd make reference to a comment I directed at another user (and flagged as OT) - but thanks for your well wishes. I'm sure they were sincere.

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by: bc
on: 25/07/2010 | 21:43

HTC Hero Refurbished (£160 - Three):

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini (£180 - O2):

HTC Wildfire (£220 - sim free):


I have no idea which (if any) is the best. Smiley Happy

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