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Started by: stueeey
On: 26/01/2012 | 12:10
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by: stueeey
on: 26/01/2012 | 12:10

Hi all,


This is not a moan as such but just an idea that might solve the unhappy customers we seem to have on board after being told Blackberry Services will arrive and then being put back.  Reading the posts it seems that there isn't anything wrong with the Blackberry Services or system it is with other systems on the network.  So as you were able to run free data for so long until you worked out a price strategy, could you not just turn on the Blackberry  Service and not charge for it until you are ready to launch it officially.


As the latest update was about capacity and transactions not the Blackberry System itself?


I know BB Service costs money but you have the system there doing nothing and you would make customers happy while you were sorting out other areas of the network 

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by: sufta
on: 26/01/2012 | 12:12
put this on giffgaff ideas
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by: stueeey
on: 26/01/2012 | 12:13
Sorry thought I was will do now
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by: aiishaxx
on: 26/01/2012 | 12:15
good idea =)
Accept As Solution If I Helped &; Dont Forget Kudos =)
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by: stueeey
on: 26/01/2012 | 14:23

Got the same sort of response from the ideas to put it in the help section oh well guess I'm in both now.  

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