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Broadband wireless router

Started by: annarodgers
On: 22/08/2016 | 19:46
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by: annarodgers
on: 22/08/2016 | 19:46
Is Giffgaff going to bring out a wireless broadband router
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by: peasy2
on: 22/08/2016 | 19:51
I wouldn't hold your breath lol
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by: persco
on: 22/08/2016 | 19:52
Unlikely @annarodgers

You can pick up wireless routers cheap on eBay or Amazon. Doubt this will ever happen on giffgaff.
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by: tony_betteridge
on: 22/08/2016 | 19:59

Giffgaff is a mobile phone network so no.


Who is your home Broadband provider don't they offer a free router?

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by: tinawilliams425
on: 22/08/2016 | 20:45

It can be bad enough have slow mobile data - at least we have the sanity of fast broadband at home.  giffgaff speeds on home WiFi would not be good for us.

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by: mcilwraith
on: 22/08/2016 | 21:01

i think giffgaff have enough on there plate providing a mobile network without moving into broadband

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by: 4quarrybank
on: 22/08/2016 | 23:02

Agreed we struggle getting data on phones, never mind at home trying to stream

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by: nick742
on: 23/08/2016 | 06:55 edited: 23/08/2016 | 06:56

I suspect the likelihood of giffgaff introducing home broadband is probably similar to the likelihood of the BBC showing repeats of Jim'll Fix It..... 

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by: paulipat45
on: 23/08/2016 | 08:45

Who can tell? @annarodgers but I think GG will stick to mobile

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by: harrybeau
on: 23/08/2016 | 10:18

As they don't provide broadband it is very unlikely. Smiley Happy

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