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Started by: trapper21
On: 30/05/2018 | 23:58
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by: che_gaston
on: 23/06/2018 | 07:48

No, no, no,NO

I'm happy without call centre. Smiley Happy

Call centre = cost--------------> I don't want to pay for this

call centre = time---------------> 20-30 minutes wating

call centre = frustration------->angry customers? avoid this

call centre = drain my battery Smiley Sad

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by: k89bpa
on: 23/06/2018 | 10:24

I really don't understand where the myths about call centers come from. 


The claims about costs going up are totally bogus. I pay Vodafone 40p per gigabyte for my package, at the same price point, when I need them, I'll be paying giffgaff 100p per gigabyte, (they have the same minutes and texts, so data is the differentiator). 


Vodafone have what I call exceptional customer service, always polite, always friendly, always helpful and efficient and calls are always answered straight away in my experience, and their per unit price is much cheaper than giffgaff with the God awful and incredibly slow agents, (accounts), and the variable forum support, (forums - many excellent, but then you also have the copy and paste merchants and the payback hunters). 


And I had similar experiences with Tesco and Three call centres too with neither of them being more expensive than giffgaff either. 


This isn't slamming giffgaff or promoting the others, it's tackling rampant, blatant and often repeated misinformation. It really is about time people stopped with the mythomania surrounding such things and talked in a manner which reflects reality. That cost thing in particular is nuts. 


O2 has a tariff right now, which works out at an average of £16/18GB a month over a year. That's that same company, (so none of this Vodafone are huge, giffgaff is tiny rubbish, giffgaff is Telefonica, O2 is Telefonica, Telefonica are huge), offering cheaper rates than giffgaff, and a call centre


Let's start telling the truth shall we?


Telefonica made the decision to set up giffgaff without a call centre, it was a business decision, a marketing decision, just as it was when Three set up Smarty in the same fashion and when Vodafone set up Voxi in the same manner. 


Cost has nothing to do with it. 


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by: spacefrog
on: 23/06/2018 | 10:44


giffgaff is fine as it is, all of my household bills and banks i am with including home phone are with companies that i dont have to bother with chatting to or calling their customer services , not only wait a long time for them to answer but to talk to somesome in a foreign country that doesn't speak english is one of the most annoying things i have ever come accross, i actually pay more for my bills so that i dont have to go through this....... i mean, why would you want to speak to someone in India that will just give you a generic reply that you cant understand what they are saying, i hate it with a passion.

Besides that, this is what makes giffgaff different from the rest and this is the reason why we joined, you need to look at the bigger picture, i would imagine that members who joined giffgaff and have been here long term aren't only here for a competative priced phone service, we dont want to penny pinch, i think thats a fair assumption, and we like giffgaff the way it is thank you very much.

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by: various_mm
on: 23/06/2018 | 15:47

it will also lead to increase in costs for using giffgaff.

i rather have low costs for using my phone, than a call centre that i will not use, but end up paying for!!

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by: as7861
on: 23/06/2018 | 16:53



Interesting insights on the cost of call centre. 


Question. Do you think payback is more expensive for giffgaff than call centre or another way around? 


In my view - Community help lower the burden on the agents but without figures to show the current system compared to say Vodafone call centre. What I would say giffgaff has the advantage of the community than anything else.

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by: jaymailsays
on: 23/06/2018 | 18:13

Employing a single employee is costly quite apart from hundreds. Giffgaff has acquired new larger premises in Uxbridge.


Salary, Pensions, Holidays, Sickness, Maternity, Employment Claims, Discrimination, Rent, Taxes, Maintainance, Equipment, Depreciation, HR Dept. and quite a few I missed.


Call Centre is not going to be created at giffgaff. In my view.


But it does appear they will need a dedicated Complaints Telephone Line by October 2018 to comply with Ofcom.


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by: ujo55
on: 23/06/2018 | 19:12 edited: 23/06/2018 | 19:15

It is a wonder that those operators such as ASDA and Tesco Mobile don't have far, far higher costs and therefore prices than Giffgaff , but they are somehow at a similar level.
How can this be explained with the very significant cost savings enjoyed by giffgaff?
Giffgaff don't employ the agents and nor would they employ call centre staff were they to go that way - it would probably be subcontracted like agent function.
In fact within telefonica the call centre structure already exists and so giffgaff could easily piggy back on what O2 have in place.

I'm not a great advocate of call centres, but @k89bpa makes a valid point some call centres are very good, short waits, helpful and friendly services with issues solved in a few minutes.
Others are not so good indeed can be poor to very poor.
However doesn't that same variability exist in the H&S forum
Some members provide excellent and knowledgeable, information posts provide step by step troubleshooting for the OP.
Other posts seem to have little relevance to the question asked and cause only confusion and frustration.
So there is no perfect solution, giffgaffs long term developpment will no doubt be in the hands of whoever buys O2 or the shape of the company after it is floated.
For the moment payback appears safe.

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by: tazzy19
on: 25/06/2018 | 20:00 edited: 25/06/2018 | 20:08

I can't speak for any network's call centre.

But I can speak for virgin call centres (broadband), having spent on average 20 minutes queue time, then made to go through all the steps I'd previously checked, reboot, tracert ping etc then to be told it's a known problem, following scripts without listening, poor english and accents.


OK h&s suffers similar problems, with copy paste, not reading etc, BUT if I have a general network /  settings question I'll have 10 replies within minutes whilst I make a cuppa, then I come back and read, test  and reply. Not interested in hanging on the phone for more scripted replies. And that is why other networks have set up help forums, to reduce the simple or even stupid questions their call centres were answering.


Edit and also not forgetting the abuse the call centre operatives have to face judging by some of the rants we see in H&S. It would be interesting to see figures on stress related sickness in the call centre industry.

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