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Calls and Text Bundles

Started by: andyp2010
On: 31/03/2010 | 14:44
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by: andyp2010
on: 31/03/2010 | 14:44



I have recently joined giffgaff, and looking forward to seeing the network growing.


One of the things I had always liked about o2 and Three (in the past) was that you could be on PAYG, but could still use your call credit to sign up for calls and text bundles, giving you a few hundred calls and/or texts each month, meaning those on PAYG were not missing out on these bundles (which are always included as standard for contract users).  This gave the user the option to sign up to a bundle and then utilise an allowance of calls and texts to any number.


It would be great if giffgaff could implement doing something like this? maybe £10 a month giving you, 300 minutes and 300 texts for example? or other great choices of calls/text.





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by: trick202
on: 31/03/2010 | 15:29

This has been discussed at length, have a little search around, put your feet up and enjoy the threads!  Smiley Wink


People seem to like the idea of bundles, but not the idea of higher rates outside the confines of those bundles. Folks seem quick to highlight O2 as a great company for the free data bundle - but forget the high call charges outside the bundle.


That may not have been clear - but you get my gist Smiley Happy


I think bundles are something GG are looking at, but the PAYG flagship is still to be perfected and developed.


Having said all that: "perfection does not exist - only the evolution towards it" - Enzo Ferrari

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by: danielclo1il
on: 31/03/2010 | 15:29

there will be some bundles announced on the 14th April, so stay tuned!


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