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Come and get involved in our Lean UX workshop

Started by: misterdoo
On: 10/01/2019 | 10:51
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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 15/01/2019 | 17:09

@misterdoo i have been giving ny input in the workshop threads that have been started thank you


Very useful.

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by: jfh
on: 16/01/2019 | 09:16

Disappointed that the planned call never took place. Correct number given. No missed call on my phone although I had a pm to say no one picked up. Very odd.  

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by: amy_b_d
handy giff-staffer

on: 16/01/2019 | 09:30
Morning @jfh , I've just sent you a reply to your PM.

I'm sorry that the call didn't connect. Our POs did try to ring you though so I'm sorry about this. Our teams are still working through their projects so would you be happy if they tried to give you another call again today? I'll have a chat with Carlotta who originally tried to call and see when she is free.

I'd hate for you not to be able to get involved so I'll do what I can from this side. =)

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by: misterdoo
handy giff-staffer

on: 16/01/2019 | 09:59
Nice one, thanks. The teams here have got some really valuable insights and info and it's really helped them in their work. Thanks for participating; really appreciated!
Scrum Master at giffgaff
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by: misterdoo
handy giff-staffer

on: 16/01/2019 | 10:02
Hi jfh - I'm sorry to hear that. We did get a big response so I'm really sorry if your call slipped through the cracks. I'll work out what went wrong so we can learn for next time.

Really appreciate your support on this, and, again, sorry to leave you hanging
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by: misterdoo
handy giff-staffer

on: 16/01/2019 | 10:06

I'd just like to add my thanks to everyone who signed up for a call - the teams found out so much useful information and it was great to talk directly to so many members at such short notice. It confirms for us how much you all want to be involved in how we shape things going forward.


I'll post more info on what happened to the information and how we used it once we've finished the workshop. 


Thanks again, appreciate it...

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by: jfh
on: 16/01/2019 | 10:07
It’s strange, I’ve confirmed my number is correct, had my phone with me all the time and didn’t have a missed call
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by: jfh
on: 16/01/2019 | 10:08
Thank you, I’m available until noon.
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by: misterdoo
handy giff-staffer

on: 16/01/2019 | 10:13
Thanks for your input - the teams are getting so much valuable information. Really appreciated!
Scrum Master at giffgaff
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by: riajoy
handy giff-staffer

on: 16/01/2019 | 10:50
It's been a great week so far, thank you to all involved. It's amazing having so many members speaking directly to our product owners and developers. Myself and the team are excited for the year ahead and brining members even closer to the way we develop.
Ria - Engagement Lead
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