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Coming Soon - 1p Mobile

Started by: terran_federation
On: 23/05/2016 | 21:38
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by: terran_federation
on: 23/05/2016 | 21:38
I run my own recruitment agency and came across some jobs that are local to my area. They are with a company called "1p Mobile".
I'd never heard of them, so I did a bit of research.

I couldn't find much, except that they are a new MVNO, and from the company name I'd guess that calls are going to cost 1p per minute.

Of course, there's no indication of pricing yet, but they are due to commence operation in July this year.

It looks like yet another super cheap MVNO service that will be challenging giffgaff's now mid price PAYG rates.
Please giffgaff, only five years ago you were challenging the likes of this company. Things have changed a lot Smiley Sad

Still, with the demise of Post Office Mobile this August, it just goes to show how quickly MVNOs can come and go.
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by: linda230665
on: 23/05/2016 | 21:44
It'll be interesting if IS 1p per minuteSmiley Tongue
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by: tids
on: 23/05/2016 | 21:47
This could be one to watch for the future
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by: navi51
on: 23/05/2016 | 21:50
Probably have a 15p connection charge Smiley Very Happy
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by: brulaw
on: 23/05/2016 | 22:06

navi51 wrote:

Probably have a 15p connection charge Smiley Very Happy

Or ....... 1p per second , minimim 30 seconds  billing ....... Smiley Wink  Smiley LOL

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by: gem925
on: 23/05/2016 | 23:09

Very interesting, completion is good in life, keeps all on their toes

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by: django21
on: 23/05/2016 | 23:24

Interesting stuff

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by: kathleen414
on: 23/05/2016 | 23:30
Another mvno service I wonder how long it will last
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by: jess4455
on: 24/05/2016 | 07:39
Will try them if they are low priced.
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by: wilpatgala
on: 24/05/2016 | 07:42

You are correct @terran_federation but how long will the challenge last? those networks seem to crawl out of the wood work, stay around for a while then disappear from whence they came.

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