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Started by: iliana75
On: 20/08/2016 | 15:02
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by: navvy
on: 23/08/2016 | 13:32

iliana75 wrote:


thank you for all the help by the community. I have been given now one sim, just waiting for the number to be transferred




It's good to know you are now sorted, though I'm puzzled that you posted this at 23:37, when the SIM Swap service shuts down at 21:30 and your swap should normally have completed within about 20-30 minutes after that.


Hope it's going OK now?


It would also be interesting to know whether the latest SIM that was posted by giffgaff ever arrives?  There is another discussion going on now, about whether this problem is caused by the packaging looking like junk mail.



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by: angelfzpz
on: 24/08/2016 | 12:13


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