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Consistently Terrible Reception!!

Started by: daley5574
On: 30/08/2016 | 18:57
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by: daley5574
on: 30/08/2016 | 18:57

Hi There,

I live in the HU15 area (brough just outside Hull) and since around April of this year I have seen a huge deterioration in reception quality at home. Sometimes I have full bars, but within minutes signal is gone completely. Sometimes I have say 2 or 3 bars which should allow me to make a call - but nothing happens, I get a a display saying the call has failed.


Up until April this year everthing was fine, so what has happened? I can't carry on like this much longer!


All of us in our house are on Giffgaff and are experiencing similar issues - so it isn't anything to do with handsets!! A neighbour of mine who is on O2 is experiencing similar problems - which would suggest it's a mast issue?

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by: lynda1962
on: 30/08/2016 | 18:58
@daley5574, hi there, check if you have any mast issues in your area.
Then try
If the signal in your area is working as normal,then try a manual roam to update, and refresh your network connection.

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by: harrrrrry
on: 30/08/2016 | 21:28

If you check the network status for HU15, currently you will see ...




I'm not sure whether that would account for all the problems since April, but it looks like you should recheck the status (both real and on the status checker) tomorrow and hope for some better news.

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