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Consultation: Payback Reform

Started by: alex_w
On: 27/02/2015 | 21:27
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by: alex_w
community giff-staffer

on: 27/02/2015 | 21:27 edited: 28/02/2015 | 00:01

Hi everyone,


As you’re all hopefully aware, we’ve been conducting an internal process reviewing how Payback is allocated for community activity. We’ve now reached a point where we want to get your thoughts to help inform us on the direction to take as we build a new system.


Our main goals for the new system will be twofold; to improve the transparency of the payback system, and to fairly allocate payback to members based on a quality driven assessment of their contributions to the community. We’re not looking to change the budget – just to use the budget we already have more effectively.


Before we go any further, we do want to be very clear here that Community Payback is not just about the Help & Support forum. We place a high value on all of the possible contributions you could make to the community here, whether they’re in the Knowledge Base, General Discussion or even completely separate like a cool phone app. We would like the new Payback system to reflect that.



Some Key Insights:


First, let us share some of our insights and hopefully fill in any holes in context that might exist.


  • The current payback model is heavily skewed towards Help. While it awards payback outside of Help, this is not by design and therefore doesn’t necessarily reward the right things.

  • Within Help it primarily drives volume and quality checking is entirely manual (which is inefficient at best).

  • The £30 limit causes otherwise brilliant helpers to limit the amount of help they give.

  • The distribution of Payback currently doesn’t scale in a way that rewards all members in a fair way for their contributions.

  • We have significant research that shows that members who earn more than £1 in Payback shortly after joining tend to stay longer and be more active on the community. The more they earn, the longer they stay and more active they tend to be.



Important questions


So, with all of that in mind we have a set of questions that we’d like to ask you. We've structured these into a survey that you can access here:


Thanks very much for your feedback. Once you've completed the survey, please feel free to discuss further in this thread. We'll be using the survey results as our primary source of feedback, however we'll also be more than happy to read and discuss any other thoughts you might have here (as well as pick up any additional feedback you might think of after completing the survey).

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by: w69d
on: 27/02/2015 | 21:49
Clicking the survey now Smiley Happy
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by: i_am_sy
on: 27/02/2015 | 21:58
Already done.

Will you be keeping us updated on how the responces unfold? Or are you coming back in a week or two with a outcome of survay?
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by: bill48er
on: 27/02/2015 | 22:22


An interesting survey, which did not take too long to complete as it is not too long  Smiley Happy

I did have to think about some of the answers, which is no mean thing.


It will be interesting to see a summary of the raw data collected sometime.


You have not mentioned a closing date for the survey.


Is there a time scale for collation and progressing to the next stage?

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by: jeff_elephant
on: 27/02/2015 | 22:45

Glad I was able to give my personal input in boxes, rather than just ticking pre-selected answer boxes. It'll be interesting to see how different the Community's views are vs giffgaff staffers.

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by: chef_ronin
on: 27/02/2015 | 22:46


Would like to see customisable goodie bags in the near future and 4G outside goodie bag 

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by: wbbuttercup
on: 27/02/2015 | 22:50
Completed. I also appreciated the opportunity to input text rather than tick boxes. Thank you.
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by: nerakb
on: 27/02/2015 | 22:57

I'll complete the survey over the weekend.


Will you inform us as to the outcome?And if so,when?

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by: brulaw
on: 27/02/2015 | 23:00



Survey completed , I am also pleased to see that there were opportunities for expressing our thoughts ,


Seems to be a good balance of questions , it will be interesting to see how this develops .

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by: 4128334
on: 27/02/2015 | 23:19
Survey completed, nice to able to express our personal feelings in written firm.
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