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Data only plan

Started by: 15hzp61
On: 11/10/2018 | 01:50
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by: 15hzp61
on: 11/10/2018 | 01:50 edited: 24/10/2018 | 14:30

Dear GiffGaff, Have a Heart ❣ please... surely a “data only” plan for an iPad, Tablet... etc has been considered by all mobile providers... But you must admit it’s still a pioneering idea!
We all talk of “value for money “ The waste of resources “ So why pay for something you’ll never use?
Since there’s no way of finding out how much data is per minute ... say, as compared to bytes needed per site it’s very easy to run out of data on OUR low budget plans... Why can’t we offer “data only” plans. ? Especially when the demands for cloud storage/sharing ie photos notes and student homework are more connection oriented... and professionally for the small startup business user... not forgetting us music lovers....
Thankyou Giffgaff for considering my proposal for the inclusion of “data only plans”

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by: 15hzp61
on: 24/10/2018 | 10:59

Hey Giffgaff.  How about "Data only" bags for IPads and Tablets".that can't make txts or calls.  Unlimited calls n txt for such devices are a Ripoff. 


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by: whitespace
on: 24/10/2018 | 15:15
For years Giffgaff did have "data only" plans ("for iPads and tablets") in the form of "gigabags". But over time the ordinary goodybags have come down in price, offering more and more data, and the gigabags have been phased out. The £5 data-only gigabag has only recently gone since the £5 "goodybag" was now offering the same amount of data (plus calls and texts).

I'm not sure why the gigabags were not made more cost effective inline with the goodybags?

So, since the gigabags were once a "thing", but have been phased out, it's difficult to see that Giffgaff would consider bringing them back again?
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by: figment_uk
on: 24/10/2018 | 16:17

A significant reason for the gigabags being withdrawn was that they were constantly causing confusion for members who believed they could be used as a bolt-on for an existing goodybag.


The goodybags can all be used for any device - using just the parts you need and ignoring the rest.

I do not work for giffgaff, so cannot check anything on your account. This is a public community - please do not post any personal info.
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by: ayepee3
on: 24/10/2018 | 16:28

Hi @15hzp61, hope you are well. Sorry you are not happy with your giffgaff available gigabags! But I would suggest buying a £5 goodybag anyway since it includes 500MB data and some calls and texts as extra too. For £5, you would also get a gigabag but without the calls and texts. So whether you use them or not, you can utilise the great data available at only £5 on your iPad or tablet.

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by: whitespace
on: 24/10/2018 | 17:09

@figment_uk wrote:

A significant reason for the gigabags being withdrawn was that they were constantly causing confusion for members who believed they could be used as a bolt-on for an existing goodybag.


Also, I would have thought that demand for gigabags would have gone down, since most users will also have a smartphone for which they are already buying a goodybag.  All smartphones/goodybags allow "thethering" these days, so users can simply connect their tablet to their smartphone via WiFi (this is what I do).

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by: giffgaff20147
on: 25/10/2018 | 17:41


Hello the data only plans the last one was removed in July , 

the smaller goodybags had data increased so even with minutes and texts they are better value ,

the trend is now to use your phone as a hotspot so you don’t waste anything , 

plus you only have to buy goodybag for phone not 2 devises ,

the good thing about giffgaff is you can use phone as a hotspot without any restrictions like some networks 


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by: germansheppard234
on: 28/10/2018 | 16:28

@15hzp61  they used to do them.but dropped the last one this year so I can't see them being bought back ,


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by: 15hzp61
on: 14/01/2019 | 08:01
Clearly you guys don’t have young children... I have three.
The trouble with hot spot is the other user is tagged to you. If I go the corner shop the game is over...for them. Plus the battery life on my fone deminises quickly...
who’s side are you on????
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by: 15hzp61
on: 14/01/2019 | 08:03
Corporate answer... that’s sad...
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