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Do only recent ideas count?

Started by: revjonty
On: 12/11/2017 | 02:14
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by: t_will
community giff-staffer

on: 10/01/2018 | 12:03
Good news! The folks have found the issue here - there are a handful Ideas that didn't migrate correctly when Labs first launched, and this is one of them. They're going to dig them out and get them moved over properly, which should be before the end of January. They'll keep their status, so any of them that are marked as Implemented will automatically assign the sticker to the member who posted them within a day or so of the migration.

@tradertall - Labs Payback queries are best directed to @prescilla_g, but from what I remember, Payback on Ideas isn't based solely on interactions - it depends on the idea's progress, so isn't necessarily tied to the date the idea was posted or the vote was made. One constant is that we'll never retroactively add Payback to a period that's passed, though - it'll always be folded into the current month's Payback even if it's activity that took place on something that was posted months before.
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by: revjonty
on: 01/02/2018 | 14:48
I now have my shiny new badge to proudly display.

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by: t_will
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on: 01/02/2018 | 15:14

Not every one of the ideas has migrated over properly yet, so if you see any that haven't progressed probably, give it a bit of time Smiley Happy
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by: kevincunno
on: 11/07/2018 | 14:53

Hi @revjonty so glad things where sorted and you now have your new badge for idea implemented well deserved 

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