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[Edited] giffgaff: please stop messing with payback settings

Started by: essie112mm
On: 19/11/2018 | 20:26
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by: essie112mm
on: 19/11/2018 | 20:26 edited: 27/11/2018 | 11:51

A few days ago I logged into an account which I top up for a minor. For the first time in 5 years it had payback and I wanted to select the charity option for the points. 


I don't know what made me do it, but I then logged into my own account to see how many points I had and check that I still had the selection for payment of points that I wanted - and discovered that none was selected. I wasn't very amused by this discovery, because had it not been for points on the other account I would not have realised and the money would have rolled over. In all the time I have received payback I have never changed my choice and I don't think that giffgaff should be doing it for me. Once an option has been saved that should be it, otherwise what's the point of a "save" option? And frankly it's an intrusion into my account settings without permission. 


So, giffgaff, please stop it. Once a member has selected a method of payback it shouldn't change without permission.


EDIT: See Alex's post for explanation of the issues reported in this thread 

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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 19/11/2018 | 21:06

@essie112mm agreed i hate the fact that after every payback payout period members have to make the choice again 


Ive choosen paypal unless the link between link and paypal change i want my choice to stay paypal.

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by: garyg1690
on: 19/11/2018 | 23:27

I definitely agree 

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by: pault1974
on: 20/11/2018 | 01:44

Unless there is a very good reason for resetting the choice after every payback payout then why not leave the choice as it was?

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by: pete2009
on: 20/11/2018 | 05:52


Once Payback has been taken and your account is back to zero I think it is reset because you need a minimum of 1000 points to be able to select PayPal.

So once you get 1000 points again in the next points collection period have to re select PayPal again.


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by: kath72
on: 20/11/2018 | 06:50
Had you already selected it this points period ? If so then there is something wrong .
I’ve always had to select the payment method every payback period but I take it to PayPal and as @pete2009 says you need 1000 points to select that.

Does the choice normally roll over for credit and charity?
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by: freedmaniac
on: 20/11/2018 | 07:47



This all seems strange to me. I am not aware that i have needed to re-choose my payback method at all.

I do however receive an email asking me to check that I am still happy with my choice - I have no problem with that.

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by: essie112mm
on: 20/11/2018 | 08:28 edited: 20/11/2018 | 08:32

Just to be clear on this :


  • I have always had the same selection for payback saved
  • I have never had to reselect it before
  • I have never received a points total for the entire period which is less than the minimum threshold for PayPal so that is irrelevant 

A previous selection should in my view remain the one of choice unless the points accrued fall below the threshold, in which case an email should ping out automatically informing the member that their points total does not currently meet what is required for PayPal and they should consider making an alternative selection. 


Edit @freedmaniac I advise you to check your selection as you could end up with nothing. 

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by: persco
on: 20/11/2018 | 08:36

We’ve always had to reselect each cycle as far as am aware. Did you select this cycle and got diselected? If so then that’s an idea. If not then not sure what happened. 


Mine has stayed same since I selected. Agents can check this out for you to see timelines of edits to payback selection.


I for one would rather select every cycle.  

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by: natty_noo
on: 20/11/2018 | 08:47

Are you saying that you've only ever selected PayPal once and it's carried over every single time, twice a year, without you ever having to select again?

Orrrrr, that this time around you'd already selected PayPal but it's then asked you to select again as if you hadn't already done it?

If it's the latter, then it's happened a few times to me, i've had to reselect more than once on some payback periods. I always check now just before payout to make sure it hasn't reset itself.
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