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Expeend giffgaff to worldwide

Started by: faif7600
On: 21/06/2018 | 19:17
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by: faif7600
on: 21/06/2018 | 19:17

I am happy to see giffgaff is doing well in uk .i think it should expend othdr part of the world like Pakistan is new in technology and there is nothing like giffgaff services,promotions etc 

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 22/06/2018 | 09:02



It would take a local operator or entrepreneur to establish an MVNO (Mobile Network Virtual Operator) like giffgaff.


There are already five operators in Pakistan, all of them foreign owned or with very significant foreign investment.  It needs someone locally to 'step up' and take the risk as the Pakistan government have an onerous framework in place for MVNOs including a requirement that the operators are all local companies registered with the SECP (Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission) which effectively excludes foreign companies like giffgaff offering services.

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