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Started by: excalliber461
On: 30/09/2018 | 15:21
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by: inspired4him
on: 07/10/2018 | 20:18

Sorry to hear that @excalliber461 that's rather unfortunate. I don't use giffgaff data at present so unable to comment. Hope giffgaff will improve data services.

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by: chand311
on: 07/10/2018 | 21:46

Easy to come and easy to go. 

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by: maxheadroom1988
on: 10/10/2018 | 06:53

The HUAWEI E160 is 10 years old.

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by: janny27
on: 11/10/2018 | 08:23

You can please some of the people some of the time etc...................................But good luck.

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by: nightzankuu
on: 11/10/2018 | 15:50
why not ask the team for help i use 3 dongles and they call work fine
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by: lnb1996
on: 11/10/2018 | 17:39
That's a shame. Did you try to get set-up help here in the community forum?
What I will say is that there is no "perfect" network for everyone in every location, for every need. Not even giffgaff. There are so many variables to consider - geographic location, other nearby equipment interfering, the surrounding physical environment, your specific needs etc.
If you decide to go, then best of luck with your new provider. But always remember, if things change, you're always welcome back here at giffgaff.
Please don't forget to Kudo if my post is helpful or mark as Best Answer if appropriate, thanks.
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by: sloz
on: 11/10/2018 | 20:00 edited: 13/10/2018 | 20:24

. @excalliber461 wrote..

Trying to get things to unload and failed uploads and downloads has eaten up my 8GB of data and as I previously mentioned Giffgaff pages would appear to be the only ones I`m able to access.



Hi, so some of your 8gb has been used 

But you can only connect to giffgaff pages?

That's very odd and doesn't add up 


On your my giffgaff page 


How much data do you have remaining? 

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by: hdavey17
on: 13/10/2018 | 20:17

I joined GiffGaff since April and I have to say I’m over the moon with the service I receive. 


I suppose your post is proof that’s it’s not for everybody and you seem to have genuine difficulties for your requirements 😖


On the plus side you are not tied into a long term contract and are free to come and go as you please. 


Wishing you more look with your new provider. 

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