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Get well soon mary-r-t

Started by: anthonydclark
On: 18/10/2010 | 17:43
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by: anthonydclark
on: 18/10/2010 | 17:43
I have just logged on here to wish mary-r-t a get well wish as she is currently in hospital. mary is an excellent user and would think that a lot of you on the forums would like to wish her a get well wish. if i was in glasgow mary i would send you some grapes and flowers and we could have a good chin wag too. hope you are better soon. x x x
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by: billycraig
on: 18/10/2010 | 17:46
Without invading privacy, would you care to tell us why?

Get well soon Mary!
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by: aks782
on: 18/10/2010 | 17:46
Best wishes Mary, get well soon! Smiley Happy

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by: onlyfoolsandhorses
on: 18/10/2010 | 17:49
She's online right now...what's going on?

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by: anthonydclark
on: 18/10/2010 | 17:54
dont make me laugh you are joking me. mary get some rest love. suppose you are bored in that bed. gosh cant believe you are on here love
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by: gypsy
on: 18/10/2010 | 17:55

Im new to giffgaff . but i have seen that mary-r-t dose a lot of helping people.

and i would like to say get well soon.

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by: mary_r_t
on: 18/10/2010 | 18:01
Thank you Anthony that's really sweet - and thanks to all in the community for being such a friendly bunch.

I have been keeping the boredom at bay by using the mobile forums. May as well make myself a little useful. :-)

Probably best to say in the open forum that it's a relapse of a preexisting condition but if anyone wants to probe further then PM me :-)

I hope i won't be in too long but I'll be dropping in and out as always. :-)
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by: didi
on: 18/10/2010 | 18:05

Get well soon mary! Smiley Very Happy

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by: syorksdeano
on: 18/10/2010 | 18:06
hope you get well soon mary. I've been ill as well, hence not been around as much, but normal service will be resumed now.
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by: loveabitofpizza
on: 18/10/2010 | 18:11 edited: 18/10/2010 | 18:13

Hope you get better soon! I know from experience how boring it can be in there, and hope this relapse is the last one!


Take care, hopefully see your out soon,


Tim x


PS just to say, great post Anthony Smiley Happy

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