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Giff Gaff motto.

Started by: s_hadley
On: 11/04/2010 | 12:55
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by: s_hadley
on: 11/04/2010 | 12:55

Giff Gaff needs a catchy motto to bring people onboard, any ideas?


Here's one suggestion to start you off.


"Your tariff is naff? Then come to GiffGaff"


Ok the above may be a bit blunt, however it uses the language of the young, who are a large percentage within the mobile phone/service provider market.


Any more for any more?

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by: i_h8_indian_callcentres
on: 11/04/2010 | 12:58


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by: alexpower
on: 11/04/2010 | 14:20

@s_hadley wrote:


"Your tariff is naff? Then come to GiffGaff"


Im liking it! Here's some kudos! Smiley Wink

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by: s_hadley
on: 11/04/2010 | 16:43

Cheers AlexP.

Much appreciated.



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