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GiffGaff Origami Envelope Tutorial

Started by: raptorbot
On: 20/10/2010 | 17:54
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by: raptorbot
on: 20/10/2010 | 17:54 edited: 20/10/2010 | 17:58

(note: apologies if this is in the wrong forum, hopefully it'll get moved to the correct one if it is? )


Hopefully, I wasn't the only one who saw the envelope and had to work out how it was done!

Well, anyway, I spent this morning reverse engineering the little thing Smiley Happy (yes, I have too much spare time)

Unfortunately I'm not an activated giffgaff-er yet, I'm waiting till my o2 month expires, after which I'll be ready to go! ;}


we're going to make this today!


So, without further ado, here's how:


1 - get your paper and lay it out on a hard, flat surface. It doesn't matter what paper size you use, so long as it is one of the standard sizes i.e A3,A4,A5 ... Etc. We'll be using A4 , because that's what the giffgaff envelope uses.


A4 sheet flat


2 - lightly fold or otherwise mark the horizontal centre line so you know where it is ... I tend to very lightly fold the very top & bottom of the line, so as not to interfere with the folds of the envelope itself.



3 - take the bottom right corner of the paper, and fold it over so the inner edge of the corner now sits on the horizontal line:



3a - and repeat the same for the opposite side, taking care to ensure that the edges meet in the middle, but do not overlap:



4 - now take the top edge of the paper and fold over, so it meets the edge of the fold from 3. :



4a - and, of course, repeat the same on the opposite side...



5 - next, take the corner from this new shape, and fold it back on itself, making sure it does not overlap the other half, or protrude from the shape.



5a - repeat the same on the other side Smiley Happy



6. Put a sticker over the centre of the envelope, to hold things together .


And... You're done! One envelope, ready to go Smiley Happy

send some love to giffgaffers and non-giffgaffers alike!






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by: rhinosrich
on: 20/10/2010 | 19:12
A bit of nice reverse engineering but why not just get the sims sent direct or have them sent direct to yourself and pass them out direct.

or am i missing the point , knowing me probably am, kudos anyway.

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by: bill
on: 20/10/2010 | 20:00

Very cool, good work raptorbot. Have a kudos Smiley Happy

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by: raptorbot
on: 20/10/2010 | 20:53 edited: 20/10/2010 | 21:00

@rhinosrich - sort of missing the point - this isn't for handing out of sims, just for making the envelope for... well... letters? what is an envelope used for? Smiley Tongue

Also, i made a design template for this - i'm nearly 100% sure this will work perfectly if you have an accurate printer (unlike mine) so you can add designs and colours and all manner of interesting things to your envelope, or use the inside of the envelope as the main body of the letter, like giffgaff did :}


(click the image for full size)

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by: raptorbot
on: 21/10/2010 | 17:47

a quick improvement here - 

when you've finished the enevelope, even after sticking the back, you might find that the two flaps ... well... flap around a bit.. as my friend pointed out, you this might get trapped in some kind of automated machine over at royal mail or similar ( though i dont think giffgaff's ever had a problem?) 

well anyway, the solution to this is - 


if you lift up one of the flaps, you'll see a triangle shaped area created by the opposite flap. you can pop the end of the flap under this, and it'll be held down by the opposite flap.


repeat this for both sides, and you'll have something that looks like this:



now both sides are held in at the corners! great! 

obviously you should still put a sticker over the middle, as this will make it nice and secure, because anyone could open and re-seal your envelope if you left it as it is here.


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by: callumacrae
on: 21/10/2010 | 18:59
Woot! Smiley Very Happy

As to folding stuff under the flags, giffgaff do that already Smiley Happy

Why I left giffgaff: my (not so great) experience with the giffgaff agents:
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by: raptorbot
on: 21/10/2010 | 23:40


@callumacrae wrote:
Woot! Smiley Very Happy

As to folding stuff under the flags, giffgaff do that already Smiley Happy


oops, my bad, Smiley Tongue well done giffgaff, i guess, and boo me. 


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by: rhinosrich
on: 22/10/2010 | 12:48
Ah thanks for explanation raptorbot.
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by: didi
on: 22/10/2010 | 19:58

Cheers! It works really well! Smiley Happy

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by: drmouse
on: 25/10/2010 | 16:32

I spent half a day and about 10 sheets of A4 figuring this out.


I figure why buy envelopes when the majority of letters I send are 1 side of A4, and can be folded like this for sending.


Well done for putting up the guide though Smiley Happy

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