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Giffgaff email adds insult to injury

Started by: ijbloomfield
On: 23/11/2018 | 13:30
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by: ijbloomfield
on: 23/11/2018 | 13:30

I bought a refurbished iPhone SE from you.  Out of warranty, it suffered a hardware failure, for which you quoted £230 to repair (more than the phone's value).  I therefore requested you recycled it, and bought a replacement (from elsewhere).  Today, you send me an email that says:

It looks to us like you've recently upgraded. Congrats. Fancy earning some extra cash for your old phone?

Selling your phone with giffgaff is open to everyone. We take all types of mobile phones, just enter your phone model in our handy tool and get an instant quote.

Talk about adding insult to injury........

Come on giffgaff, at least communicate within the organisation.


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by: ray2
on: 23/11/2018 | 13:50

Hi @ijbloomfield


I think these emails are sent out automatically,but can understand your frustration when the email not only has nothing to do with your issue,but then goes on to ask if you want to sell your old phone to them.


There should be a connection between emails around you asking to have your old phone recycled,perhaps an acknowledgment by email that you have chosen to recycle your phone as the repair is too expensive,rather than a generic email asking if you would like to sell your old phone when they have already recycled it Smiley Frustrated


@alex_w   @lausef  could you give a comment around this issue with emails that have no relevance and can cause members to get irritated.

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by: jaymailsays
on: 23/11/2018 | 14:31



Consider updating your contact permissions.

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