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Giffgaff graphics

Started by: alexb38
On: 01/07/2010 | 22:05
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by: billycraig
on: 18/08/2010 | 05:09

Hey guys, I'm a graphics student and I've posted a background I made (someone else made one, I expanded it. except I made it from scratch) and I'd love to get involved with this!


Seems like a lot of fun, I would do it for fun but if there's prizes, I wouldn't say no Smiley Wink


If there's a challenge or whatnot set up, I'd happily enter Smiley Very Happy

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by: panther97
on: 18/08/2010 | 20:38

Same, seems like alot of fun and prizes make it better Smiley Very Happy VIG sims would be awesome ;D

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by: rjheald
on: 20/08/2010 | 02:37

Maybe you could call the team the giffgraphers?

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by: stewart1988
on: 20/08/2010 | 18:08

Count me in. My Photoshop skills are pretty good... Smiley Happy

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by: alexb38
on: 06/09/2010 | 09:56

All great ideas and I think it's safe to say there is definitely some interest here. Now we need the competitions.. any ideas people? Smiley Happy


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by: ukrides
on: 06/09/2010 | 10:41 edited: 06/09/2010 | 10:44

Ive been waiting for this sort of thing to happen for ages creating my giffgaff graphics pack a while ago from then ive been using illustrator so quality would not be a problem Smiley Very Happy,


Heres my competition ideas;


  • redesign parts of the site ( so your ideas for a new look.)
  • signature competition ( the classic best forum signatures win )
  • advert competition ( such as the twitter idea from Community Manager vincent so anything that will advertise giffgaff )
  • giffgaff merch competition ( So design for possible giffgaff merchandise )
  • giffgaff character design ( for those people who like to draw characters that could promote giffgaff )
There just a few ideas off the bat Smiley Very Happy Also I like idea of the team having a special name not sure what yet giffgraphers from rjheald sounds pretty cool Smiley Very Happy.


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by: callumacrae
on: 06/09/2010 | 11:41

Sounds good Smiley Very Happy


I would quite like to see a "I'm on giffgaff!" image to use in sigs on other forums. It would be good advertisement Smiley Happy



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by: alexb38
on: 08/09/2010 | 19:22

I particularly like @callumacrae's idea of an 'I'm on giffgaff!' image to use on sites or in signatures for other forums - this should be implemented.

As for competitions, I've recently spoken to @vincent, and we've come up with a rather interesting idea involving T-Shirts, designing and REWARDS!! So keep your eyes out for an update Smiley Wink


Alex Barnes dotmedotuk
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by: brradley
on: 08/09/2010 | 19:34
..So when's this twitter badge competition coming then, Vincent? Smiley Happy
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by: alexb38
on: 17/10/2010 | 22:47

For all of those who have registered your interest in graphics competitions:

In case you haven't heard already, there's a T-Shirt design competition running at the moment. The prize: Your design gets printed on to dozens of T-Shirts for those who have written more than 1,000 posts here on the giffgaff forums. On top of that, you'll get a free hoodie of your own design!

So get your minds thinking and those mouses clicking and get designing!

To be in with a chance of winning, post your entries in a reply to this thread:

Good luck!


Alex Barnes dotmedotuk
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