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Giffgaff loyalty bonus?

Started by: tonks77
On: 16/09/2015 | 04:25
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by: mcilwraith
on: 17/09/2015 | 16:43

Loyalty is already rewarded by payback so this idea is a non starter as far as i am concerned

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by: brulaw
on: 17/09/2015 | 16:51

wilpatgala wrote:

As most have said, we get payback, I think that is good and plenty, at least for me anyway.


+1 on the above , there are already incentives and benefits that are not available elsewhere . 

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by: eldee
on: 17/09/2015 | 23:47
Agreed. So many companies concentrate almost exclusively on 'new money' while loyalty is largely ignored or taken for granted. Some sort of recognition or incentive would be nice, even if it were just something for fun.
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by: bluenose5
on: 18/09/2015 | 11:37
Am Happy just getting Payback.
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