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Goody bag

Started by: zarakhan99
On: 06/02/2018 | 20:49
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by: zarakhan99
on: 06/02/2018 | 20:49

Hi guys 


I think Giffgaff should create two different £5 goodybags. One can stay the way it is and the second one should include mins and txt only. The reason being is some people may not use data at all and may need more mins and text. For example the elderly generation. Buying a £5 package is a waste for them if they do not use data at all. 

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by: kath72
on: 06/02/2018 | 21:14
The thing is that the data in that bag was added as a bonus freebie

So without the data it would perhaps cost the same.

Many people use hardly any mins and more want more data on the bags ...

You can please some of the people some of the time ......
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by: mcilwraith
on: 06/02/2018 | 21:51

why @zarakhan99 there`s only 100mb of data anyway.thats nothing really

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by: carrow1
on: 06/02/2018 | 22:37
There is merit in your suggestion.
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by: figment_uk
on: 07/02/2018 | 05:59



The £5 goodybag was originally minutes and texts only. giffgaff added 20MB of data (which has slowly increased over time to 100MB) because members asked for it.


Very low users could be better off using standard PAYG credit instead of goodybags. A goodybag could be added at any time should higher than normal use be anticipated. 

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by: zarakhan99
on: 07/02/2018 | 09:22

Yes that is true. But that is what i mean by creating 2 different £5 goodybags and then people can buy what suits them. Nothing is being changed here. Im suggesting we add something more to make it easier for people.

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by: endorphin
on: 07/02/2018 | 11:07

Hi @zarakhan99 unfortunately in general, people nowadays want more data and not less for their money. There is little demand for a text and calls only goodybag, your post is about the 2nd/3rd I've seen regarding this.

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by: zarakhan99
on: 07/02/2018 | 11:43
Hi @endorphin but there is no loss in this. Giffgaff will still make profit either way its just improving and creating more options for people to choose from. For example Vectone Mobile have many different goody bags for the dame price some contain only data some contain mins and text some contain everything.
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by: isabel1066
on: 07/02/2018 | 11:48
@zarakhan99 there will be a very small amount of customers that would want this giffgaff caters for the majority, not the minority.
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by: endorphin
on: 07/02/2018 | 11:48

I suspect @zarakhan99 that giffgaff likes to keep their tariffs simple. A few months back they had two different £10 goodybags with different allowances, however this resulted in a few people buying the wrong one. Having only one goodybag at each price prevents this happening, albeit there is still some confusion between the £5 goodybag and £5 gigabag.

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