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Goodybag Community Consultation

Started by: gregg_b
On: 06/08/2014 | 17:00
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by: gregg_b
former giff-staffer

on: 06/08/2014 | 17:00 edited: 22/08/2014 | 08:26

The consultation has now closed. Thank you all for sharing your comments and feedback with us. Please check out this thread to see the results of the consultation.


Hi everyone,


As you know, here at giffgaff we like to do things very differently. As such, we believe that involving our members in key decisions and listening to your input is the single most important thing we can do to ensure that we continue to meet your needs and therefore remain a healthy business. On that note, we are running a very important Consultation over the next week and a half and we want to hear your views to ensure that we get the right outcome.


Due to the recent conversations around the data experience our members are receiving and some external market factors, we are opening up a consultation on our current goodybag allowances. To kick things off, we have pulled together a short presentation, which outlines the reasons why we are reviewing our goodybags as well as some suggested alternatives. Once you have had time to fully review the presentation, we would love to hear your views on our suggested changes and for you to vote on your favourite option on the poll below.


The consultation will be open until 5pm August 17th so please be sure to vote and/or share your feedback within this thread.


Thank you all for your contributions.





UPDATE 13/08/14


Hi everyone


The consultation has been running for a week now and I’d like to thank you for taking part and sharing your views.  Your feedback is invaluable and I can promise you the team are working hard reviewing all your thoughts and ideas.


I’d like to update you on the key themes so far.


Why change?


Some of you have challenged us as to why change at all. This year we’ve seen a number of our competitors increase their prices.  Here at giffgaff we have been reluctant to change things but when we started to see increasing frustration with data speeds in the Community we felt we had to act to protect the experience.  Being the cheapest in the market for unlimited data means we attract a disproportionate number of very high users who in turn put huge demand on the network.  We have been working to address this with increased Traffic Flow capability in peak hours but looking at our pricing compared to the market it’s clear this won’t on its own be the full solution.   


Most members will be unaffected


So far Option 1 has attracted the most votes (about 80%) although it’s clear there is concern about replacing unlimited at £12 & £15 with fixed data bundles.   We do understand that unlimited gives you piece of mind but I would like to confirm that when we look at members’ usage this would mean 79% of members  on the £12 goodgybag would be unaffected by the price change and on the £15 goodybag the number of members unaffected increases to 83%.  We are also committed to making it possible to purchase a new goodybag early so if you have an exceptional month you can still get great value and we plan to launch this in time for any price changes.


On top of this we will continue to provide monthly Best Plan Advice to help you choose the right goodybag each month.




Tethering has also come up and again I would like to confirm that tethering is fine on limited goodybags so with Option 1 you could tether up to 5GB for £15.


Will Traffic Flow continue?


Whilst we expect the need for it to reduce we intend to keep Traffic Flow in place to ensure extreme individual usage is not impacting the majority in the future. 


Family account ideas


The number of members who have multiple accounts for other family members has come through stronger than we have seen it before and we’d like to understand their needs better.  We have had a number of member ideas around family accounts, such as this one, and I would encourage those of you with an interest to go and check them out and add your support – if we see a genuine demand for these we will take a closer look.


4G launch


The current pricing consultation is all about what we will charge for 3G.  We are keen to move 4G out of the trial phase and into live but where we end up on 3G pricing is a key stepping stone.    


Next steps


The consultation is scheduled to end on Sunday and our intention is to share with you next steps early next week.







UPDATE 07/08/14


Hi everyone,


I have noticed a few people asking very similar questions, so thought I would add some answers here to help folk.


What has happened to the £10 goodybag, are giffgaff getting rid of it?


Absolutely not, we have no plans to change the £5 hokey cokey, £7.50 or £10 goodybags so have not included them in this discussion. Also, our PAYG rates will not be changed.


Are these 4G goodybags too? What is happening with 4G?


This consultation is purely for our 3G goodybags. Right now we want to address our members data experience on our network and in order for us to do that we need to make changes to the 3G goodybags. After we have done this and the results are being felt, we can then begin talking about 4G and pricing for that. More information on all of this will be coming soon.

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:03
I like option 1 but I also like option 2 for the £20 bag as then you have 8G for tethering conspired to unlimited with no tethering
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by: 1hale
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:05
On mobile 📱 with no data running free rated giffgaff community forum.

So can not see external data source.

Will look when back home 🏠 on WiFi 📶
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by: redemtion
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:06
Could of at least made it so those with no data can actually see the options. So with that what are the options exactly?
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by: pinkcalculator
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:09
Probably best to sit down when you have wifi. And look at the slides
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by: larsus
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:11
I think £20 for unlimited data is a bit of an excessive price. It might be worth looking into a goodybag in between £15 and £20.
I'd be prepared to pay £15 for unlimited data, however i find the £20 goodybag (which is not actually being changed) a bit excessive in terms of minutes.
Maybe have a goodybag with unlimited data and less minutes
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by: arontaylor
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:16 edited: 06/08/2014 | 17:19



I also like option 2, 8GB is fantastic and also good for those who choose to teather on a limited package.  Also on option 2 I like what you offer for £15.00 and if you were to move forward with this option I'd deffo go for the £15.00 package for 4G, 1000 minutes and Unlimited Texts, thats bluddy amazing!

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:18
I think the data is the bit that's costing and affecting things so much. However if they can offer its at a lower price and reduce other elements and its popular enough then they might consider iit after all this is a consultation
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by: djscottyb1993
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:18
People will start picking what they really want 8gb of data is a lot for Web suffering but Spotify YouTube etc will eat threw it but it's what people want just see what happens Smiley Happy
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by: darrenpainter
on: 06/08/2014 | 17:20 edited: 14/08/2014 | 13:07

For my requirements plus keeping Unlimited Internet somewhere in the offering I would vote for Option 1


For anyone unable to view the slideshow, here are the options



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