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Great giffgaff taglines

Started by: vincent
On: 15/02/2010 | 17:17
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by: cgf
on: 14/06/2010 | 15:37

giffgaff -  the sim for those who like to gas


giffgaff - any cheaper and it'd be free


giffgaff - making credit watching a thing of the past


giffgaff - a siim'pler way of doing things


giffgaff - we listen to you


giffgaff - for you, run by you

Choose your network. Choose a package. Choose a add on. Choose a data plan, extra minutes, his and her phones. Plan your future. But why would anyone want to do a thing like that? 


never let your friends tie you to other networks, choose life, choose giffgaff


*cough* blatant rip off, *cough* trainspotting Smiley Happy



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by: cgf
on: 14/06/2010 | 15:41

giffgaff - where talk is cheap


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by: cgf
on: 16/06/2010 | 22:47


Just been told theres a spoof commercial that shows a guy driving into McDonald's and places an order for a double chin, a spare tire and future cardiac problems. You are what you eat. Can it be morphed into a giffgaff phone idea?
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by: bill
on: 16/06/2010 | 23:13 edited: 16/06/2010 | 23:14

Giffgaff - If you're not on it, nobody likes you and you smell of poopy.


Smiley Tongue

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by: trick202
on: 16/06/2010 | 23:22

We can use that - that's Vodafone's.

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