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Hands down, the worse service I've ever experienced

Started by: matt0941
On: 04/08/2016 | 15:30
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by: omganyname
on: 05/08/2016 | 23:55

Having a service that "just works" is nothing to brag about, that's something to be ashamed of.


The service (customer service, delivery service etc) of Giff gaff in general is something to be ashamed of. I have been with Giff gaff for just over a week and have had nothing but constant trouble.


Please advise on the best way to leave this company it is the worst mobile company I have ever even heard of. 


phillsibson wrote:




I'm sorry that you have found giffgaff's service no better than the one you moved from.


You mention that the 3 service you were on had only recently "became so interminably abysmally slow".


I wonder, before you moved, did you manage to find out what was behind this (from 3's customer service) & if it was generally the case in your area (from other 3 users in your general location).


While it is true that giffgaff (using O2's network) is rarely faster than other networks, for many, it 'just works' at a reasonable level.


Before you move to another network or give up on technology altogether, if you have not already done so, do ask around locally.   If yours was the only phone on 3 that experienced a sudden drop in performance and you find other giffgaff/O2 users who have 'usable' data then perhaps there is some issue with your phone.


Please Note: I don't usually assume a phone is at fault, but in this case, the O/p experienced a sudden drop in service on their previous network, so it is possible something other than giffgaff's network is at fault.


Also, it is my understanding that "Traffic Flow applies to the £20 goodybag. Speed restrictions apply to our Always On data after 6GB of data usage." applies whatever method is used, so changing to 3G will make no difference to these restrictions.


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by: breilly185
on: 06/08/2016 | 10:28

To leave just dial 43431 and follow the instructions to get a PAC number and use it to change networks.

As far as your suggestion that GiffGaff should be ashamed of its customer service. I found this article.
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by: jimfraegala
on: 06/08/2016 | 19:18
I am so sorry to hear that. As it is, i do ALL my internet stuff on the laptop and do not have problems.

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: tony_betteridge
on: 06/08/2016 | 20:24

It's not bad for everyone. It just depends where you live and that applies to all networks.


Here is the last speedtest I did



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by: carrow1
on: 08/08/2016 | 09:13
I guess you haven't tried too many before, most networks take a hammering from their subscribers.
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by: navvy
on: 08/08/2016 | 09:32

Before criticising giffgaff's customer service, you really ought to try it properly. Post a thread about your own problem in the Help board. Don't just rely on the agents.

My Orange account was broken by EE during the takeover, and I now can't risk trying to use a PAC to move to giffgaff or any other network.

It's impossible now for me to register a new account for my existing EE number, as my number is not recognised on their system despite the SIM still working.
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by: inspired4him
on: 08/08/2016 | 11:05

Sorry to hear about your experience. I think one month is too short to make a decision. Why not leave it for a bit longer and see how things plan out?

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