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Has giffgaff internet advertising gone mad? Problem

Started by: th4rg3
On: 16/06/2011 | 21:40
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by: th4rg3
on: 16/06/2011 | 21:40

Ever since i have started using giffgaff, and visiting the site regulaly, every webstite that uses AdChoice always displays a giffgaff advertisement (, and as some examples) but that is a waste of advertising seeing as i have already joined giffgaff.


The problem i have is how this type of advertising through "AdChoice" works, it works by showing adverts to what websites the reader uses and displays relevant advertising.So if someone visits giffgaff, they get giffgaff advertising????


SO whats the point of showing the advert to people that have already been on the giffgaff website?? isn't that just a waste of money???

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by: andy0
on: 16/06/2011 | 22:52

you've got a point, but then again maybe it doesn't cost much money if you or I don't click the ad


maybe the ad server needs to run things a bit differently 

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by: hotrobot
on: 16/06/2011 | 22:56

I assume it is cost per click rather than impression, If you are already a customer you are unlikely to click it but if you had visited the site as a potential customer it does reinforce the message. That being said, this method seems to work better for e-commerce sites where it reminds you of the products you were looking at earlier. It would be interesting to see the ROI GG get using this method, it is unlikely that they would persist with the as if they were not seeing returns

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by: lacoste_kid
on: 16/06/2011 | 23:05

Best thing i ever did was use this, and it stops all the on line tracking that these marketing companies use



You can then browse without getting adverts for weeks of anything you have searched for recently

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by: silverfox55
on: 16/06/2011 | 23:15
use Firefox and it's advanced privacy settings to clear cookies after you close it, that way Google cannot track previous sites you have visited. You should also look in to removing Flash cookies from your computer as these are not removed when clearing cookies.

For Google read "BIG BROTHER"
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by: kingmsp
on: 16/06/2011 | 23:20



The reason for this is that the giffgaff website has implemented a cookie into ure web browser, so whichever site u visit u will 80% of the time see a giffgaff advert. Just run a PC cleaner to get rid of cookies and adverts will dissappear. 



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by: th4rg3
on: 17/06/2011 | 19:28

 i always clear cookies, they actually record your data, just i see it as a waste if its pay per view. But if its pay per click its fine. Just highlighting.

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by: th4rg3
on: 17/06/2011 | 19:29

And if it is cookies anyway, i am always on giffgaff so that wouldnt work, maybe trying to opt out may work Smiley Happy

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by: suppers_ready
on: 17/06/2011 | 20:16

I found giffgaff through such an ad on ebay, never heard of the network before then. Just goes to show that this advertising method does work. I've got both my phones on here now and without giffagff using this technique, I and probably many others wouldn't be giffgaff customers.

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