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How do you find the right phone?

Started by: jas215
On: 14/11/2017 | 14:40
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by: ste5555
on: 16/01/2018 | 06:39
People normally have a idea of what they want with their price range and preference.
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by: bill48er
on: 16/01/2018 | 14:01



If this survey is now closed you need to update the OP and close the link Smiley Wink

How about a little feed back?




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by: willskywalker
on: 26/01/2018 | 21:17



Got to really come down to use!?!


Do you call people more? Do you text? Need internet connectivity? Music and Social media etc.


Or maybe your a slave to or have to have the latest new thang!


Think be honest about what you will use it for/ as. Then really you shouldn't go far wrong.


That said, I would always recommend a phone that is overspecc'd than under...may help avoid near future disappointment.


Just my thoughts

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by: svirdi
on: 30/01/2018 | 16:24
Comparing one phone to the other
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by: lloyd1974t
on: 07/02/2018 | 17:37

Hi I find that most people either have Samsung or a iPhone but I was introduced to the 1+5 phone and I've not looked back I had the Samsung phones for many years but since getting my 1+ phone I don't think that I'll be  going back to Samsung check it out and let me know what you think


Kind Regards


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by: davelovesstacey78
on: 12/02/2018 | 22:42

Hi, hope you're well, i recently, last hour or two, started a topic on 'contribute' with the title, in caps lock,called ' ANDROID OR IPHONE' so maybe if you can search for it under title and my username,there may be some comments/help or advice? If I can find a way to link it to you I will send another reply here,good luck. Take care!

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by: harrrrrry
on: 13/02/2018 | 00:44



It's here:


And just for information -- you can find a list of anybody's recent posts (including your own) if you click on their avatar.

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by: anu1
on: 14/02/2018 | 07:24
Good Thanks
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