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I topped up for the first time/ activated my sim without it in my phone

Started by: poparoo4
On: 12/04/2010 | 21:58
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by: poparoo4
on: 12/04/2010 | 21:58

Is that a problem? 


Because it's been a few minutes now and my lg cookie still says '' inactive usim" 


And it was at 9:50 which is not after 10 so according to giff gaff it shouldn't take all night but it might be that because thats onl 10 minutes off the time.



Thanks guys appreciate your help!




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by: peeter
on: 12/04/2010 | 22:23

Does 'My giffgaff' on here show your balance and phone number, or does your balance say 'activation in progress' ?


It can take up to three hours to activate, it doesnt usually but it can. Also please leave the SIM in your phone.





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by: poparoo4
on: 12/04/2010 | 22:33

Says activation in progress

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by: peeter
on: 12/04/2010 | 22:36

Thats fine then, just be patient and as soon as it changes from 'activation in progress' to your actual balance you'll be up and runningSmiley Happy





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by: danielclo1il
on: 12/04/2010 | 22:37

there has been a few problems with the sim activations, but hold in there, it can take upto 24hours like it did with my dad


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by: poparoo4
on: 12/04/2010 | 22:40 edited: 12/04/2010 | 22:44

Thanks guys thats helped a lot hopefully it will be ready by the morning because thats pretty important Smiley Wink


Kudosed you both!

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by: paul_shirley
on: 13/04/2010 | 00:25

After it activates on the website it can take a while for the phone+SIM to activate. If its not active after 30min switching the phone off then on may help - that's full off not standby. In rare cases pulling the battery may be needed.


If you urgently need it tomorrow AM and its not activated you could file an 'Ask an Agent' request now and they'll just discard it if the SIM activates before then.

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by: poparoo4
on: 13/04/2010 | 09:53

Thanks guys it's fine now and working great!



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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 13/04/2010 | 11:38


@poparoo4 wrote:

Thanks guys it's fine now and working great!




WE LOVE YOU TOO! Smiley Happy


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